Saturday, November 5, 2011

Broke down and turned the heat on.

My title says is all. It is a CHILLY morning here in the Bay Area. Brrrr!!! I finally had to give in and turn the heat on. The sight of my little dog shivering and my fingers about to fall off made me do it. of course I am exagerating a bit LOL.

I am almost finished stitching on my sweet Snowman. Then I just have to decide how I want to finish him. I wanted to share a few photos from my trip to Colorado this past summer.

View from our Cabin in Vail,Co

Chuck's Hut

How we spent the night, roasting marshmellows and having "girl" talks :)

Hike we did the following day on the way back to Denver

Lily Pad Lake
It was so great to visit my good friends and meet new ones. There 5 girls and 3 kids(3,5,7) staying in the cabin, made for a great time. I sure do miss living in Colorado. It is such a beautiful place, with many, many outdoor adventures :)

So that is my post ofr today, next time I will have a finished stitched piece to share. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


  1. What positively beautiful pictures! You must have had a wonderful visit there.


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