Monday, November 21, 2011

Feeling a bit FROSTY

It is a tad chilly here in the bay area and what are DH and I planning on doing? Driving up to Tahoe!! We were planning a quick ski trip, but they have not gotten alot of snow yet. A few resorts are open but the day we plan on skiing it is suppose to rain. *YUCK*

We are probably just going to hang out enjoy the mountain air and relax, something that my DH REALLY needs. And we are going to be pup free YAY!! We have our dog sitter staying with the furbabies. So it will trully be a relaxing few days.

I would like to show you my current WIP.

Peace by Sam Sarah Design
I love stitching snowmen/women this one is starting off just right :)

This one will be going with me, hopefully I can get it halfway finished by the time I come back. well that is all folks. I hope your Monday is a great one!



  1. Yesterday was fuh-reezing! Great progress on your ornie. I am so glad to see those scissors and fob being used! Enjoy Tahoe!

  2. I'm feeling like stitching winter people too. We may not even see snow here in the south but I can make snowmen with thread.


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