Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble Gulp!!!! Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday Friends!! I hope everybodys Thanksgiving was a day of thanks and good times. DH and I went out to dinner. Very unconventional for us, as I usually cook. But my husband, being as sweet as he is, said it was silly for me to spend all day cooking in the kitchen just for the two of us, so who am I to argue? Hehehe Trader Vics had a wonderful buffet and we also had a few Mai Tais. Best part was no dishes and no sneaking into the kitchen late at night to eat more turkey LOL

We came home around 2:30, got to watch the football games, those pesky Ravens beat the 49 ers', and watched and all the specials that were on tv. It truly was a wonderful day.

How many of you are shopping today? Or were crazy enough to go last night? that is said with much love :) I will be staying far far away from any stores for at least a week. I do have to work today so I know I will be busy, all the weary shoppers will be coming to me for drinks LOL

I did get some stitching time yesterday after I took an hour walk because I was so stuffed from dinner. Here is where I am so far on "PEACE" by Sam Sarah Designs

Mr snowman is getting lonely, hopefully I can stitch his mate tonight. Well folks that is all for today. Hope your Friday is a fun day!!

Take Care


  1. looking good. You always take the prettiest pictures with the backgrounds and all.

  2. Hello:

    Very beautiful work, love the snowman.

    I see a scissor fob (I think that is what they are called) looks lovely on the scissors. Is it possible to order it?


    Bye for now and stitching

  3. Do you post an answer about the fob here?


  4. Sounds like a wonderful holiday, I am glad to hear you had such a good day.

    Your snowman looks great so far!


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