Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Gift Stitching

Christmas comes the same time every year but yet every year I am always late with my gifts that I want to stitch LOL I have about 6 ornaments all stitched up from last year so I am going to hopefully crank out the finishing this weekend in time to mail them off to family members.

EDITED 12/11 I had a bit to much Christmas Cheer at a holiday party last night so I have been planted on the couch with my heating pad and some hot tea. I am doubt full I will be stitching or finishing today, but tomorrow is another day :)

My SIL is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan so I am stitching an ornament for her, let me say that gray#415 is the most boring color haha!

I want to share a few pictures of my Christmas tree this year. This was from my stitching partner this year, Kim is a wonderful stitcher

This ornament I bought at Neiman Marcus in 2005 during their day after Christmas sale. Thank goodness for 70% off is all I can say :)

This is one of my most treasured ornaments, it hung on my moms tree for 30+ years and now it has hung on my tree since 2006. It is an old German ornament and when you open it there is a Dollie inside with an old paper tag that says Germany.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday. Happy stitching friends :)


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