Monday, December 5, 2011

Memory Lane

December? What where did November go?? Oh well, no worries :)

Smells, Do you have a smell that just transports you and reminds you of your past? I do, and for me it is eucalyptus and fresh baked bread. Growing up everyone in my neighborhood played a roll in raising me. The saying "It takes a village" well that was us.

I grew up on the West side of Cleveland and was the baby in the family and the only girl, so need less to say I had many watchful eyes and could never get away with anything before my Mother got word.

I had many "Aunts" "Uncles" and "Grandmas" you know the type, not really blood family but they are your family anyway just cause they love you. Well Grandma Gerrie's house was like my second home, it always smelled like eucalyptus and fresh baked bread, and it still does 20+ years later and even after she has moved to another home it still feels like "home".

Grandma Gerrie is going to be 90 and I just wish I could keep her forever and bottle that smell to last me forever.

I am in a reminiscing mood and will probably be sharing more stories for the Christmas season and some stitching too :)

Take Care!

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  1. Remeniscing is a good thing I think. Families are made in many different ways, love is one of them and I think its a great one. Your Grandma Gerrie's house sounds wonderful, I love the smell of freshly baked bread!


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