Monday, January 2, 2012

A Quick post

Happy New Year! I do hope everyone is having a great start to 2012. Mine has been wonderful so far, yesterday and today my husband and I were both off. I spent yesterday stitching and have a finish to show, I am SO excited :) It has been a nice relaxing few days.Lazed around watching football and even got in a movie, A Dangerous Method

Barbara kindly gifted me this cute LHN pattern and I finished stitching it today, now I just need to make it into an ornament and I will have my first official finish of 2012 :)
From A Stitchers Ramblings

I will probably PIF to a lucky follower,I don't know when as I still have charts to mail out from my last drawing ;/ but with the holidays I kind of got behind.

So dear friends that is all for today. Happy Stitching


  1. Very cute finish, Natasha--so glad your year is off to a great start! It's snowing here now which is nice :)

  2. Cute finish! Happy New Year Natasha! I hope it's great!

  3. Every time I see a stitchy snowman I get a hankerin' to stitch one for me. They are so cute. Love yours!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping me out with the sampler on there. I am so glad to be your newest follower.

  4. Love your snowman finish! I will start stitching him as part of my Crazy 15 Challenge in a few days!

    Happy New Year! Glad yours is off to a great start!


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