Monday, April 16, 2012

Some new stash on this Monday Funday...

EDITED*** MY pictures that I had up are gone ?!?! I don't know what happened. I also switched over to the new goole format BLEECHHH I DONT LIKE IT!! JJ's Collectibles was having a spring sale this past weekend and since it really had been a long time since I bought any new stash I thought it would be a great time to treat myself.

I wanted to get a Blackbird Design booklet. I had a hard time deciding but I finally decided on this one.

I also purchased some Needlepoint Silks, because I am hoping to start a new WIP soon and wanted to try these. I hope I do not fall in love with these silks because they a tad over my budget haha..

This is the design I am stitching now. . I have been stitching on this for the past week or so. Hopefully by Wednesday I will be done so I can move onto something else.
From A Stitchers Ramblings

Merry Christmas by All Through The Night
Floss: Carries Creation Hearts on Fire

Well peeps as always thank you so much for your lovely comments it really does brighten my day to read them. And I hope you find joy in your stitching today. Take care and have a Monday Funday :)

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  1. Your little Christmas stitch is lovely! I do love the silks you ordered. I have some left form other projects and use them whenever I can as I have a limited amount left and they do change color a bit with dye lots.


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