Monday, June 18, 2012

Wish me luck!

Today I have an interview. I work for a large chain restaurant and in the last year and a half this place has gone through countless changes. A revolving door of managers, a decline in customers and most recently the firing of two long term employees, which resulted in three others quiting shortly after. The bartenders are overworked and understaffed because of the recent happenings, this has made a heavier work load for the reaming bartenders and with that is increased stressed. Last week was the last straw for me.

So yesterday afternoon I saw a posting for a local place that is hiring and I sent an email with resume and within 15 minutes I got a response and I go in today at 11:15. This restaurant is my favorite place to go and eat and get drinks. So when I saw they were hiring I was very excited. So wish me luck and hopefully I can go into my current job tonight and tell them I quit :)

On the stitching front I am still working on Garden of Life. I will not bore you with any pictures as I have not completed much since the last post. I am ready though to start on something else, something small to take with me on my trip back to Cleveland next week. Tuesday I will go through my stash and see what calls to me :)

Thank you for stopping by and please know I LOVE comments :)


  1. Good luck for your interview, hope it goes well.

  2. I know all too well how frustrating restaurant working can be. When it finally got to the point when I wanted to bean the customers over the head with their dinner rather than place it gently in front of them I figured it was time to hang it up. I do hope this new job possibility comes through for you.

  3. Good luck with the job interview!!!

  4. Although difficult, sometimes change is what's needed. Hope you get that new job!

  5. Hope everything went well with that interview!!

  6. Yup! Works now, Natasha! Thanks!

    Good luck on your interview!

  7. Sending good luck vibes your way - you are going to ace that interview!



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