Sunday, September 9, 2012

Art and Wine Festivle 2012

I can always tell it is the end of summer when the Art and Wine Festival rolls around. The one held in September is the biggest of the two. Usually housing the most vendors and it always has the best bands.

Yesterday I got to sit outside in the sunshine and listen to a really rocking band the The Rodeo House Band They were awesome!! I got a tad to much sun and was feeling a bit over heated while at work last night.

Today the show was still going so after the Hubby and I went to the local PUB to watch the Browns* Who lost by the way* I meet up with a neighbor and we browsed a few vendors. I ended up coming home with these three pretty pieces of jewelry. I usually don't wear much except for my earrings and my wedding ring, but these were just so delicate on. The earring are actually a gift for the neighbor I went with. She is a truly sweet lady and it will be any early Christmas gift for her, she might be moving to San Diego soon. She bought me the silver necklace, Much to my protest!!.

From A Stitchers Ramblings

I will say that I have really always disliked apartment living, especially here in the Bay Area, there is no sense of community. But in the place we live now, and have for the last 4 years I have really gotten to know my neighbors and we all know we can rely on each other and know that we all watch out for one another. That is a really good thing.

I want to thank those that leave me such wonderful and warm comments and emails and also to those that just look :) I appreciate each and every one of you. I hope have a wonderful evening I am off to watch the Broncos and Steelers.... LETS GO BRONCOS :)


  1. Shoot! I missed the festival! Nice jewelry. The circle necklace is my favorite! :)

  2. yah that's what I will miss when we move to is our neighbors. With not having family close by they are a great help to us and good friends.


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