Friday, September 21, 2012

That's why they are called accidents!

This weekend has started out on the rough side. My DH was driving to work Thursday morning and got into an accident and he rear ended a Van. He did some serious damage to his car and we thought that he had broken his wrist, but by the grace of god the Doctors said from the x-rays it was just a very deep bruised bone. He is in a soft cast till Tuesday when he goes back to our doctor for a follow up. When his airbags deployed it thrusted his hands up to the winshield and shattered the windshield. Right now "she" is sitting in the Tow yard waiting for the insurance guy to come pick "her" up I am so thankful that no one was seriously injured. He his home and the doctors put him on bed rest for three days and also instructed him to wear a neck brace, he is such a stubborn boy and hates that thing LOL Meanwhile on the stitching front I finished up the third installment of my Friends through Stitching 2012 exchange. It has been a real pleasure stitching for my partner Jennifer she is a lovely person who I am wishing all the best for This is what is stitched for her, I enjoy making biscornus, they are such a fun finish, and SUPER easy. I recently received my JCS ornament mag in the mail and I am beyond thrilled I found 8 designs that I would LOVE to stitch, now will I stitch all 8?? Probably not but a girl can dream can't she Hehehe! I do thank you for visiting me here in BLOG land and I appreciate all your comments. Take care and happy stitching *FYI I dislike the new blogger format ;)


  1. Hello

    I'm so sorry to hear of your hubby's accident and hope he feels better soon.
    Your biscornu is beautiful!

  2. That biscornu is very pretty!

    Sorry to hear about your DH's accident. Hope he's on the mend soon.

    Enjoy your weekend, Natasha!

  3. Beautiful biscornu! Sorry about your husband's accident...bone bruise sounds pretty painful...hope he heals quickly!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident--what a scary time for your husband. I do hope he is feeling 100% very soon...

    Very pretty biscornu, Natasha!

  5. So sorry about your husbands accident, hope he mends quickly. Your biscornu is amazing! I mailed out your package today. I went to one of those UPS stores and they tell me it will be delivered by 10/1. Don't know why it will take so long. Sorry I am late. Hope you like everything. Darlene

  6. Sorry to read of the accident. I do hope he is feeling better.
    Lovely exchange piece!

  7. Yikes!!! Glad your hubby is ok from the accident.

    Concerning and earlier post... Hrmm... I haven't had any problems with paragraphing blog posts. Are you typing in the HTML or or COMPOSE format?

    If you're using the HTML, you need to insert
    for paragraphs. The COMPOSE formate however, would code it for you automatically...


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