Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainy Day post

Fall has officially arrived in the Bay Area and I could not be happier. I love the sound of rain against the windows at night, which is how I feel asleep last night and then awoke to the sound of rain this morning. It stopped long enough for me to take the fur babies on a morning walk. It is times like this though that I yern for a yard *sigh* wet dog is not a smell I enjoy ;)

This weekend was a very uneventful. We had plans to go see the movie ARGO but then we realized that the Cleveland Browns were playing against the Colts and they were televising it. The Browns are hardly EVER on tv here in the Bay Area so of course we decided to tourture ourselves and watch the game, UGH!! Of course like they do they lost. Oh well thats the life of a Browns fan LOL

Recently I was browsing through some blogs and I came across this one Our Love Nest Seriously go check it out really an inspiring blog, and though I do not consider DH and I newlyweds anylonger, we just passed out 12th wedding anniversary, I still need to keep that Newlywed attitude going in our marriage :) She shared this idea for date night.A DIY Date Night Jar

Is this not the cutest idea?? I am definitely going to use this . And since it is suppose to be chilly and rainy this week what a perfect night project to do together :)

For all those baseball fans out there the Giants have moved onto to game 7 WooHoo!! If they win this we move on to the World Series to play against Detroit Tigers. It trully has been a great time living here in the Bay Area, espesially when the sports teams do so well, the atmosphere in the area is fantastic :)

Well I must get a move on, do some laundry before I head into work. I hope all of you have a lovely day and Go Giants

Monday, October 15, 2012

Not much to say.....

A whole 10 days since my last post!! I do not have much going on so there is not much to "chat" about. I am working on a few exchnages that are due November. One of the pieces I have decided to work it 1 over 1 on 32ct Vintage Barly Linene and I am LOVING it!!

I can only take a few hours of working on it because my eyes get a bit tired but why don't stitch over 1 more often. I love how it looks :D

I am a memeber of Friends Through Stitching this is my second year taking part in this group. I don't take part in many exchnages 1) I don't have enough time and 2) I am afraid of getting burrned but this group is great and I keep coming back every year. I have meet some great stitchers through this group.

This is what I recieved from the person who had me this year. Darlene has trully spoiled me this year. She is so very thoughtfull in the item that she stitches for and also all the extra.

The Bay Area has baseball fever. The San Francisco Giants play their second game today against St Louis, they lost last night 6-4 lets hope they do not have a repeat and pull off a win. The Bay Area teams have been great to watch these last couple years :D

Well enough of my rambling I have two furry babies staring at me waiting to go out for their morning walk.

Take care and stitch on!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Expect Delays

Living near San Francisco we never have a dull moment. Wheather it be hiking, a day at the beach or a trip up to the city, one could never go bored here. This weekend is no exception. We have a huge list of events going on this weekend. It's Fleet Week, the Americas Cup is here, we have the Italina festivle and the Giants have a play off game.

My hubby and I we able to enjoy the festevites today. And thankfully we did not have to drive. Traffic is usually crazy to begin with but throw in all of these events and well you would be CRAZY to drive anywhere in the city. Please people take transit!

His company hired us a car and it picked us up this morning at 9:30. We arrived at a Northbeach reasturant for lunch and then headed over to Marina Green where we were able to watch the Blue Angels and many other planes do their pratice runs. It is a pretty amazing sight to see these planes fly by, but what gets me is the noise. I smile from ear to ear everytime I see and hear them.

But that was not all. I knew that the Americas Cup was just a few miles up the way and I thought we were just going to get to see one of these awesome and pretty pricey boats, but to our surprise we were taken out on a regular boat and put pretty close to the RACE. How amazing is this sight
On the New Zealand boat, which my husbands company was part of, was
Natalie Coughlin
12-time Olympic medalist for USA Swimming. She was the extra ride along, I was really hoping I could have been on that boat but I think an Olympian beats me LOL

Also the USS Makin Island was docked here also. It is an amazing vessel, this is a shot with the Bay Bridge behind it.

While we were out on our boat we were floating in front of the spectature stands well the water Police came up to us to inform us "that the spectatures were mad at us for blocking their view" the police just smiled and said that of course they couldn't do anythign to us. The spectatures let us know they were not happy with our captin.. They booed us pretty loudly LOL

Tomorrow morning I am helping a neighbor move and then work in the evening. Sunday I plan on a day of rest and my stitching in hand. I have finally finished coffin buzz, now I just need to make it into a wall hanging. I think I will finally get to make a dent on my CHristmas Stitching woohoo!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. Take care friends and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll

Good Morning Dear Friends!

Is it feeling like fall where you are at? I am patiently waiting for the cooler temps to arrive here in the Bay Area. It seems like summer has decided to visit us again one last time. Normally around this time we are dealing with afternoon temps of 75, but yesterday was 92 WOWZZERS!! I guess you can say I am spoiled by the lovely Bay Area weather. How did I every survive a summer in South Carolina, Oh yeah I lived in the pool ;)

Well to make it seem like fall I am hoping to win some beautiful floss from Victorian Motto Sampler You should head on over there also and enter for a chnace to win, I hear her floss is great. I have yet to try it but if you tell her I sent you I might have a shot and so will you :)

Have any of you started on Christmas stitching, can I even say that word, it scares me to even think that it is a short time away. I have NOT started but I should. I have two exchnages I need to stitch for and I want to stitch a couple ornaments for myself and a few friends. Ambitious, yes LOL

I have made some progress on Coffin Buzz since the last time I posted.

Almost there!! Today I finally have a full day off. A day that does not involve grocery shopping, Dog Grooming visits or Doctor visits. So I think I will be able to accomplish quit a bit on this today.

I know this is turning into a long post but darn'it I got a lot to say today LOL If anyone wondering how my Hubby is, he is doing MUCH better. He still has a sore neck and his wrist we found out was NOT broken, just a hair line fracture. Thank the lord. So that means he only has to take a few weeks off from golf and not 6-8 like we thought LOL he is an avid golfer and has already gotten a few emails from his Golfing Buddy asking him when they can play next.

His car is being fixed as of today they say 2-3 weeks so right now we are sharing my car. our work schedules over lap so it has not been a problem as of yet.

I want to welcome my newest follower thank you and also would like to ask on this BLOGGER format, which I really dislike. How do you make paragraphs or space. I am spacing my paragraphs but on the preview it is running all together. So I appolgizes if it looks like one big old sentence. and for any typos. I can't find the spell check on here.
*P.S I figured out how to space :)
Take Care Friends