Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll

Good Morning Dear Friends!

Is it feeling like fall where you are at? I am patiently waiting for the cooler temps to arrive here in the Bay Area. It seems like summer has decided to visit us again one last time. Normally around this time we are dealing with afternoon temps of 75, but yesterday was 92 WOWZZERS!! I guess you can say I am spoiled by the lovely Bay Area weather. How did I every survive a summer in South Carolina, Oh yeah I lived in the pool ;)

Well to make it seem like fall I am hoping to win some beautiful floss from Victorian Motto Sampler You should head on over there also and enter for a chnace to win, I hear her floss is great. I have yet to try it but if you tell her I sent you I might have a shot and so will you :)

Have any of you started on Christmas stitching, can I even say that word, it scares me to even think that it is a short time away. I have NOT started but I should. I have two exchnages I need to stitch for and I want to stitch a couple ornaments for myself and a few friends. Ambitious, yes LOL

I have made some progress on Coffin Buzz since the last time I posted.

Almost there!! Today I finally have a full day off. A day that does not involve grocery shopping, Dog Grooming visits or Doctor visits. So I think I will be able to accomplish quit a bit on this today.

I know this is turning into a long post but darn'it I got a lot to say today LOL If anyone wondering how my Hubby is, he is doing MUCH better. He still has a sore neck and his wrist we found out was NOT broken, just a hair line fracture. Thank the lord. So that means he only has to take a few weeks off from golf and not 6-8 like we thought LOL he is an avid golfer and has already gotten a few emails from his Golfing Buddy asking him when they can play next.

His car is being fixed as of today they say 2-3 weeks so right now we are sharing my car. our work schedules over lap so it has not been a problem as of yet.

I want to welcome my newest follower thank you and also would like to ask on this BLOGGER format, which I really dislike. How do you make paragraphs or space. I am spacing my paragraphs but on the preview it is running all together. So I appolgizes if it looks like one big old sentence. and for any typos. I can't find the spell check on here.
*P.S I figured out how to space :)
Take Care Friends


  1. How nice that you'll have a day off for stitching!

    No autumn down here in Southern California yet! It was 105 degrees yesterday.

  2. Not autumn like at my house today...we are expecting a few days of warm temps and then back to fall weather for the weekend! Glad your husband is on the mend and that the wrist was only a hairline! Enjoy your stitching!

  3. Good to hear the your husband is on the mend.
    Coffin Buzz is looking good! A whole day for stitching sounds great!

  4. I just love this pattern and I can't wait to see more...you are making wonderful progress on it! Good luck with the giveaway, I hope you win some of that beautiful floss :)



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