Monday, October 15, 2012

Not much to say.....

A whole 10 days since my last post!! I do not have much going on so there is not much to "chat" about. I am working on a few exchnages that are due November. One of the pieces I have decided to work it 1 over 1 on 32ct Vintage Barly Linene and I am LOVING it!!

I can only take a few hours of working on it because my eyes get a bit tired but why don't stitch over 1 more often. I love how it looks :D

I am a memeber of Friends Through Stitching this is my second year taking part in this group. I don't take part in many exchnages 1) I don't have enough time and 2) I am afraid of getting burrned but this group is great and I keep coming back every year. I have meet some great stitchers through this group.

This is what I recieved from the person who had me this year. Darlene has trully spoiled me this year. She is so very thoughtfull in the item that she stitches for and also all the extra.

The Bay Area has baseball fever. The San Francisco Giants play their second game today against St Louis, they lost last night 6-4 lets hope they do not have a repeat and pull off a win. The Bay Area teams have been great to watch these last couple years :D

Well enough of my rambling I have two furry babies staring at me waiting to go out for their morning walk.

Take care and stitch on!!

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  1. What a super exchange!! Good luck to your team!


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