Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainy Day post

Fall has officially arrived in the Bay Area and I could not be happier. I love the sound of rain against the windows at night, which is how I feel asleep last night and then awoke to the sound of rain this morning. It stopped long enough for me to take the fur babies on a morning walk. It is times like this though that I yern for a yard *sigh* wet dog is not a smell I enjoy ;)

This weekend was a very uneventful. We had plans to go see the movie ARGO but then we realized that the Cleveland Browns were playing against the Colts and they were televising it. The Browns are hardly EVER on tv here in the Bay Area so of course we decided to tourture ourselves and watch the game, UGH!! Of course like they do they lost. Oh well thats the life of a Browns fan LOL

Recently I was browsing through some blogs and I came across this one Our Love Nest Seriously go check it out really an inspiring blog, and though I do not consider DH and I newlyweds anylonger, we just passed out 12th wedding anniversary, I still need to keep that Newlywed attitude going in our marriage :) She shared this idea for date night.A DIY Date Night Jar

Is this not the cutest idea?? I am definitely going to use this . And since it is suppose to be chilly and rainy this week what a perfect night project to do together :)

For all those baseball fans out there the Giants have moved onto to game 7 WooHoo!! If they win this we move on to the World Series to play against Detroit Tigers. It trully has been a great time living here in the Bay Area, espesially when the sports teams do so well, the atmosphere in the area is fantastic :)

Well I must get a move on, do some laundry before I head into work. I hope all of you have a lovely day and Go Giants


  1. We are seriously in the rain up here(Seattle area)too! Have a good week-end!

  2. Go Giants! We had a cloudy day yesterday but no rain down here in Southern California. Happy Autumn!


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