Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Am Award and Moving Day!!!

First off I want to thank you to Monica at the HoopLess Stitcher She awarded me a Liebster Award, I guess it is for those blogs with followers under 200. You don't know how happy this makes me. Over a year ago I had a very good blog going, with about 180 followers, lots of comments and updated daily. But I had some tings happen and needed to take time off and during that time I deleted my blog, it is something I wish I would have not done because I had so many pictures of my projects and a lot of nice blog posts I had made. But I am happy to be back in the blogging world. It is a great feeling to put needle to thread.

Tomorrow the movers will be at 10 A.M to load our stuff onto a truck. We got an email this morning telling us that they filled the original truck and would have to hold our things at a storage site until a truck was ready, thankfully they came through and got a full size truck so our things will be loaded tomorrow and on their way to South Carolina. The only hiccup tomorrow is the RAIN... It has not rain for 6 months and tomorrow it is suppose to rain buckets!! So my hope is the rain holds off till after 3 I really do not want wet boxes sitting on a truck for a week or more.

I am really excited about this move. I have been really nervous up until today maybe because I am finally 98% packed, also knowing that I will be closer to our family, that is such a good feeling. Hopefully out things arrive by the 8th so I can unpack and get my Christmas tree up.

I will be without a computer for some time, I will have my handy little smart phone but I doubt that I will update my blog from there. I will check in on facebook. Please keep us in your thoughts for a safe trip.

Thank you for your comments on my last post. I really appreciate the well wishes!!!
Take Care
A picture of sweet Samson trying his best at being a lap dog :)
I was trying to stitch last night and he took over my lap LOL


  1. Prayers for a safe journey to SC!

  2. Good luck . Hope things go well for you . Take care .X

  3. Good Luck with your move and will look forward to hearing how it went!

  4. Happy moving day! Have a safe trip!

  5. I hope all is going smoothly with your move--sending warm thoughts your way!!

  6. Best wishes on your move ~ hope all goes smoothly!


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