Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big changes and my new toy

Hello dear friends,
Thank you for all of your comments on my post about how you work on WIPs. I have about 10 in my basket and I use to have them on a stitching rotation but now I just work on them when I remember, which means I hardly remember or else I would have more finished LOL

For those that had a three day weekend did you do anything fun? I had to work on Saturday night and Monday night but Sunday the Hubby and I took a drive over to Half Moon Bay and since the tides were low we headed to the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve.
This place is pretty cool.There are tons of nooks and cranies to see all types of sea life like this sea urchin. This was actually already dead but the spikes had not fallen of yet, pretty cool don't ya think?

This is where we were. I just love the beaches here in the Bay Area. Yes, we can't swim in the water because it is freezing but the beaches here offer the most amazing views and we always see some sort of sea life.

So in my title post I said I had a new toy. This is my new toy, isn't she pretty :0)
I have been thinking about getting one of these for awhile I was going to go to Jo-Anns since I had a 40% off coupon but I was running errands this morning and decided to stop at Micheals intead.

Well they had it on sale for 40% off and they had the pink one, JoAnns only had white. I love it!! And I think it will be the perfect travel light to take with me when I go to the PALS retreat in October. Yes, I do plan on attending. Finally after years of not going. I am really looking forward to it!!

Big changes are in store at our home but you will have to check back in on Saturday. I am going to a stitching GTG and I am sure I will take LOTS of pictures of the talented work that will be there, so when I return from my GTG I will fill you in on the changes :)

Till then please remember I love comments :0) Take Care and enjoy your day!


  1. What a beautiful Ott light! Pink is so much better than white. Great find!

  2. So glad you got to go to the beach this weekend, great pictures! Love you new toy, pretty shade of pink!

  3. Beautiful views! Our water is also too cold for swimming but I don't care when the views are to die for!


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