Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Friends are good

I am so behind on many stitching projects I would love to sit and stitch for a whole day but have been so busy latley with work that I figure I can start stitching again at the start of December. I am working on two exchanges this week. They are both due on the 15th I have one down and one more to go :) I am not the worlds best finisher but I must say this first ornament turned out pretty well. Now onto the second one.

Tonight I meet a very dear friend for happy hour drinks and then we headed over to a Ramen House. The food was so delish but I ate way to much, I am glad we walked around a bit. We browsed a local shop and tried on hats, her more stylish me not much HAHA I was trying on all the funky big winter hats. It is always great catching up with her. She has become a great friend :)

I wish I could say I have been doing exciting things and share awesome pictures with you but I have not. I do have the day off with the Hubs tomorrow, we have some errands to take care of but I am hoping we can squeeze in a quick trip to the beach. The beach is so peaceful I enjoy hunting for seaglass and shells and must say over the years I have quit a collection. Hopefully I get some inspiration one of these days and make something really cool with the shells I have.

Well friends I best get going. It's late and I am sleppy ;)
Take Care!!

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  1. It was good to see you girl! Friends are super important! :)


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