Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Desserts are calorie free

Hey Ya'll,
I hope everyone is having a fun filled weekend!! Has everyone completed their Christmas "chores". For DH and I it is going to be a very laid back Holiday. We are spending it with his Aunts and their Husbands I am really looking forward to having a Christmas dinner with family, it has been WAY to long.
We didn't do gifts this year for family but his Aunts have been such a HUGE help to us during our move out here that I just couldn't come to dinner and not bring them anything to show our appreciation.
So I decided that a handmade gift would be a great idea. Of course with the move I didn't have time to stitch them an ornament, which is what I plan on doing next year. But instead I made them Decopodge letters. S and C the first letter of their last name.

We are adjusting quit well to the "country" It is nice to here the crickets and see the stars. This morning we saw two deer run down the road into the woods, makes me wonder what else it out there. I think there are Coyotes because we have heard howling, and it wasn't the dogs around here. So we are careful to keep the dogs on a leash when we go out at night. Although tonight we went out and DH yells "Hey get the Dogs, there is a dog lose here". Turns out it was our neighbors sons dog, Tex, from the next lot. The dogs got along great and ran around like crazy. It was great for our dogs because, even though they have a yard now they miss playing with other dogs.

Well Friends I want to wish you all A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Hope everyone has the happiest Holiday!!! Thank you all for the wonderful comments. If I don't respond to you please know that I appreciate your comments and hope you have a wonderful Holiday
Natasha & Family

P.S if you made it this far, yes Holiday Desserts are Calorie free at least until Jan 1st HaHaHa!!!!!


  1. Cute letters!
    How fun for the dogs to have found a friend. Mine looks depressed when he doesn't get to play with his buddy from next door!

  2. I'm glad your move went so well and you're enjoying your new home and neighbors and family.


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