Monday, December 17, 2012

Living on lake time

Hello friends,
Have ya missed me?? We do not have internet yet so hopefully posting from my phone works out.
We are all settled in here in South Carolina and so far loving it. It is so quiet here but we are still close enough to stores where I don't feel like I'm completely in the boonies, driving at night though is tricky for me as there nostreet lights so it is alittle tough to see, and also when the fog rolls in from the lake that makes it tougher.
My title makes me chuckle because when we are going somewhere we are always a tad late. Last night DH's Aunt had a Christmas party it started at 4 we got there at 4:45 I told her, " sorry we are late we are on lake time" it could also be that we live 35 minutes from her :)
I have been trying to get some stitching completed but it is. slow going . I did finally get my fabric unpacked and put away. Hopefully I can start some serious stitching after the New Year, I have some projects I
really love to start.
I would love to share with you my WIP but can't upload a photo from my phone, so with that I will say to you thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a happy holiday season!!
Hugs and happy stitching!!


  1. So glad you are safely in SC and getting settled in! Sounds wonderful on the lake. Would love to see pics!

    Happy stitching!!

  2. Thanks for checking in! Glad you're all settled at the lake. Hoping to see some stitchy photos soon.


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