Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love those after Christmas sales

I was called off from work today, something that is very rare for a Saturday night. I was very thankful for it though I needed to go grocery shopping my fridge was down to the bare bones. But it also ment that I could take a ride to the other side of town to the Hobby Lobby and Joanns. First off to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric and a Tim Holtz Pocket watch, I am sure you have all seen Vonnas pocket watch finish? If not got check it out, it is super cute. I came with my 40% coupon and got the very last one. I can't wait to find a pattern to stitch over one and make it into something special. So thank you V for the inspiration. If you google Tim Holtz pocket watch ideas there is an amazing array of wonderful ideas that pop up.

Next was on to Joannes, they had their Holiday Inspiration Fabrics 70% off I just got a few cuts, but once I got home I realized I probably should have loaded up. I will probably go back on Monday and do some serious fabric buying. Here is a photo of the fabric from both HL and JoAnns

I already have a few projects in mind for these fabric. I need to buy some embellishments, ribbon, lace, rust bells, saftey pins small stars etc.... The fabric with the trees is a really fun fabric it is a very light weight fleece with sparkles, every girl needs sparkles right? The Christmas stuff was already pretty much picked over but lucky for me plently of fabric remains :)

I am off to try and get some stitching in. Tomorrow we are headed to friends for dinner so there will be no stitching till late evening. I am wishing you all a very happy weekend.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Finishing.... I'm on a roll

Now if only I could have been this productive the entire year then I would have had a whole mess of ornaments finished up and ready to ship to family. So now the question is do I just continue to finish the ones left and hold onto till next year or send out the finished ones after Christmas???

Here are the two latest finishes
Sam Sarah "Peace" from Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas Ornament Issue 2009.

Windows of Faith, Hope and Peace by Primrose Needleworks from the 2010 JCS issues

I am making good use of my sewing machine this year but I am thinking she needs to go in for a tune up. She gets a bit grumbly latley.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A few fast finishes.

I have been quickly been trying to finish up stitched ornaments for family and friends but saddly they will not go out till after Christmas. Christmas comes the same time every year but I am always so late with getting things started that I usually start baking cookies the day after Christmas LOL I did to get better about that Hahaha

Any how, I was able to finish these two up, the snowman I posted a picture of last week but I have since added some trim to it, which I think makes it look alot better.

And this ornament was from a sweet friend. A group of us were in an ornament exchange and this is what I recieved, LOVE IT!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 9, 2013

My first wall hanging

Thank you all for your comments, It brightens my day to read them knowing that you take a moment out of your day to do so is really nice :D

I am making headway on the ornaments stitched last year. This one has been in the pile for at least three years. I decided to try and make a wall hanging, I am not completley happy with the finished results, but I will take note and hopefully next time not make the same mistakes.

The way that our weather has been here you really do need mittens, it has been C-O-L-D!!! But as always I am thankful that we do not have snow. If you are in the path of this new winter storm please be safe out there and stay warm.

Till next time friends stitch on.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Late night finishes

I am on a finishing kick and it feels good!! This is Merry and Bright by Little by Little Design Co. from the 2007 JCS ornament magazine. Since it was so prim and rustic'ish I found some fabric in my cabinet that I thought would be perfect for it.

This was my first time trying to add fabric around the design, I always had a hard time understanding how to do this, but after I watched a youtube video it was crystal clear. I can see many more finishes like this in the future.

Who knew finishing was so much fun :D Wishing you all a terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On the 4th day of Christmas........

I was finishing up a storm LOL That really does not rhyme but that is what I am trying to do this week. Last year I stitched quit a few ornaments with the hopes of finishing them up but I never got around to it so now I have all these great ornaments ready to be finished and mailed off to family members. Sometimes it is good to be a procrastinator :D
Here is the first of many. It was the first time sewing a hanger onto the ornament I usually just attach it after, so much easier this way!

The backing fabric is a blue sparkly snowflake pattern. Next I am goign to sew fabric on the front all around the ornament and then add the backing fabric, wish me luck.

Victorian Motto is at it again. Hurry and go to her blog enter to win 25!!! yes 25 skeins (20 yards each!), 500 yards!
of floss from the 1795 Sampler Collection!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Guess what day it is???? WIP Wednesday. I bet you thought I was going to say that line from the Camel commercial HAHA! Here is what I have been working on latley

The Primitive Hare - I believe In Santa. I have had this fabric in my stash for some time, I bought it for a project that I can't for the life of me remember, well I finally put it to good use. I am enjoying this design. I was going to finish it and send it off to my friend and her children but I think I may keep it for myself. I hardley ever stitch ornaments for my own tree.

Do you stitch a new project on the first of the year? I always have wanted to but usually pick up a UFO instead. But this year I have this design ready to go, minus a few siks I still need.

What is your New Years Stitch?

Happy Wednesday :D

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bountiful Blessings

Happy Friday Ya'll!! That sound is music to everyones ears I am sure. My Friday actually starts tomorrow but still one day closer to the weekend is good for me for me :) Today has been a day of wonderful blessings. Today the hubby and I went grocery shopping and the first 50 people got a bag filled with that stores name brand items, there was a mix of different things that we actually needed so that made us smile and on our way out they were giving away free flowers. How very sweet!

Back in October Nancy of Victorian Motto was having a drawing for this little lovely and this morning when I woke up I saw that I and two thers had one. Happy? why yes I am I have been dyeing to try her rick rack and just look at those great little items that are coming with it :)

Sewing Necessaire from Nancy at Victorian Motto

And the reason for the title of my post was from Nan's recent Pin Keep KIT. It was a limeted edition and when I saw it I just knew I had to have this little gem. I can not wait to get this in my hot little hands :) Thanks Nan for putting together such an awesome kit.
Limited Edition Autumn Pin keep from Nan at Thread work Primitive

I will leave you with a picture of the flowers....

I am wishing you all a beautiful friday and I hope you have a wonderul weekend!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sweet Tooth

I'll admit I have a sweet tooth and sometimes that craving happens at the strangest hours when I have nothing sweet to satisfy it. So today I decided to make some cookies super easy and oh so good. Lemon Poppy Seed Crisps with a sugar glaze. Don't they look scrumptious? And I'll let you in on a little secret, they came from a muffin mix :D Yup Martha White Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin mix. Shhhh don't tell anyone ;)

I am also working on something else that is super sweet, an exchange piece, so I can only show you a sneak peak. I will say that over 1 on 25ct is so wonderful.

Today I will spend the afternoon doing houshold chores, what fun YAY! *sarscasm* And tonight spend it stitching and watching the CMAs while enjoying a Lemon Crisp.

I hope your Wednesday is shaping up to be a great one. And wherever you are in the world have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Memories in the making.

Hello dear friends,
Thanks for stopping by. I know I don't respond to your responses all the time but know that I really do appreciate them. Yes, the retreaat sure was a fun time and I wish I was still stitching and laughing the days away, but I will keep those memories until next year.

Speaking of memories, since moving to South Carolina I have been making them with family. We love living close to family, after having lived so far away for so many years. A drive to Ohio is still 9 hours but so worth it when you spend endless hours lauging with your brothers. Amother family event I did this week was making Filled Noodles with my hubbys Aunt. This dish was a family favorite that his Grandmother use to make and when she passed away her sister Donna would make it. But now that Aunt Donna is in her late eightes it has been over 20 years since my husband and his Aunts have had it.

It is basically a meat filled perogie. You take two cottage hams * Have only heard of them being sold in northern Ohio, and was my first time ever having one*, 1 small briskett and simmer them for 4-5 hours till very tender. Take the meat clean off fat and grind meat with eggs and bread slices. We used a hand cranked meat grinder that I borrowed from a friend. Let me tell ya, that was a workout for my arm :)

You then make the noodles.. Our first attempt resulted in huge noodles that were tough but still eatable and full of flavor. You take the ground up meat and make a little meat pocket. Place in the liquid you cooked the meats in and boild for 1-2 minutes. Then enjoy. Aunt J was not pleased with how the noodles looked, but both her and my hubby said they tasted just like Grandmas, which pleased her.

We had alot of leftover meat that we did not stuff into noodles so today I tried to perfect my perogie *noodle* making skills, this batch turned out alot nicer, dough was not as dense and I sealed them with a fork so they looked prettier also :) I made 34 filled noodles today

What do you think would you give them a try??

Also I have been a stitching machine. Here is the progress on the birth sampler I am doign for my girlfriends baby

This design is so cute, I am enjoying it very much. I hope ya'll are having a great day and may a good evening follow.

Take Care

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sewing essential giveaway

Sewing Necessaire,complete with goodies Giveaway

I am sure many of you are aware of the wonderful hand dyes floss, samplers and ric-rak that Nancy from Victorian Motto sells. Well she is having a lovely drawing for a sewing pack stocked with beautiful seing essentials. Head on over and enter.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pals Stitching at the Beach 2013 recap

What's better than being at the beach and spending the day stitching?! Doing it with a whole group of talented ladies. I attended my very first PALS retreat this past weekend. There were 113 that were there this year, that is one VERY large group :) This retreat is put together by Amy Whitaker, owner of Down Sunshine Lane . This was her 16th year of putting this together. I am so happy that I went this year that I am already looking forward to next year!

I arrived on Wednesday and roomed with Chris and Michele. Great roomies and we got along wonderfully. I have been friends with Michele for many years through our blogs and facebook but this was the first time ever meeting in person and the same with Chris. I meet so many great ladies on this retreat. 4 glorious days of stitching till our butts ached and laughing till we we cried. I sat with the "crazy group" I say that with love. We stitched, laughed, formed a gang and were just plain silly the entire time. I did not take enough pictures like I had planned, here a a few from the 4 days.

A finish by a fellow stitcher, beautiful right?? There was clapping and cheering when a finish was made

Michele *my roomie* and Toni hard at work on their cute pin cushions

The Grab Bag Exchange was fun to watch this box got stolen alot along with several others

The view from under the pier

There were also several designers there this year
Blackberry Lane Designs I loved her finishes that she had displayed of course I had to buy something ;)

Summer House Stitch Works Beth is so very nice

Hands On Design Cathy as well was so sweet. She had and exclusive for the PALS retreat a beach theme so yes that and another design came home with me.

Praiseworthy Stitches She had some really clever finishes like her Kindle cover so I bought that and another chart. She was very positive that I could sew that cover up... We shall see LOL

Fern Ridge Collections Lots a beautiful beaded kits. I did not buy any but I know several who did, hopefully we see finishes soon ;)

Golden Circle Designs Very cool designs a few ladies at my table bought a few.

Amy also had her booth set up I bought a beautiful bag with cute little owls on it... According to Michele it was calling my name ENABLER!!! LOL

Well if that was not long enough!! LOL I sure hope you enjoyed this recap of the weekend. I am sure I will be sharing more photos through the week and hopefully some finishes as well. Until then take care and Happy Monday :D

Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm So excited PALS here I come

Only a few more days and this will be my view for 4 whole days. I am attending my very first PALS Retreat Am I excited?? Like you would'nt believe!!! I will miss my Hubby and our pups but 4 glourious days staring at the waves and stitching with some great people it should be an awesome time :)

Getting my bags together is a tough task. I don't want to take to much but want to take enough . I think have decided to take a few WIPS and a baby blanket I am chrocheting. I always have a hard time stitching and talking at the same time anyway LOL

I hope to take lots of pictures and will share my adventure when I return. Till then ya'll have a wonderful week and happy stitching!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A sad moment........

I am writting this post to say good bye to a blogging friend. When I heard the news this morning my heart sank into my chest and a deep saddness took over me. I am sure many of knew about Cathy and her long battle with cancer.She is now free from pain but my thoughts and prayers go to her family especially her husband and son. May her little boy always know the love she had for him even before he was brought into this world......

Her friend compiled some photos you can read her posts here

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pup on the mend and a birthday wish

What a tough week this has been emotionally! Last Wednesday we took Samson in to the vet for a "sore" that was on his back, she thought it was related to diabetits, so they ran a senior panel test and the Gluclose levels were very high, did'nt think anythiing else of the "sore" at that point no pain to the touch.

But then on Sunday Morning we noticed that the small sore had turned into a golfball size lump and was leaking puss/blood, so Monday morning we went in to the vet right at open and they decided to keep him so they could put him under and clean it out.They think it was a spider bite,it was quit messy in there, there were three punture wounds and the yucky stuff coming out was typical of spider bites that have got infected. Mind you this was all in a 4 day period. I Wonder what type of spider it was??

But thankfully this did happen because that is how we found out he was a diabetic. So tonight we start his first round of insilun. I know this will make him better I am just very nervous to give him the shots, thankfully my dear husband will be doing the first rounds so I can watch him. I am happy now that we know the cause of his weight loss and excessive drinking. He is one tough cookie and we hope to have him with us a few more good years :)

Tonight is crochet night. I feel like that is all I have been doing latley. I am trying to finish up my husbands blanket he asks me daily if it is finished.... almost honey almost :)

I hope you all have a wonderful night and if ya'll could do me a favor it is my super duper dear friends birthday, ya'll might know her :D Valeris Birthday swing by her blog and wish her a happy birthday Thanks


Friday, September 27, 2013

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

Good morning, I am feeling alittle blue this today. Could you say alittle paryer for my sweet dog Samson? We just learned yesterday that he is a diabetic. This past week I noticed he was drinking ALOT of water, excessive amounts and he seemed to have lost weight and on Monday we noticed a small "wound" on his back that came out of nowhere overnight, So I decided to make an appointment to get to the bottom of his issues.
Well his blood work came back yesterday and comfirmed what the vet suspected. His Glucose levels are high. We have an appointment Tuesday morning to go over his new diet and to learn how to give insulin. Ever one says it will be ok, and I know it will be, I just hate the thought of sticking this sweet old boy with needles. He just turned 12 in August.

On the stitching front, I have completed the baby blanket. I will take a photo of it this weekend before I mail it off to the expecting parents. I am working on my husbands blanket now, that should be finished up shorty and then it is onto the next baby blanket.

Wishing you all a Fantastic Friday!! Go out and make it a good one :)


Monday, September 16, 2013

Did ya'll think I was lost forever????

I have been MIA!!! Even my Dad called me last week to ask if I was still around.... Ooppss Sorry Dad ;) I have been around, but this summer was a busy one that's for sure. I can't remember a summer ever flying by so fast. So much to tell ya'll First I will say that we are finally feeling at home here in South Carolina.

We had a few rough months December - Febuary where I was starting to think if we had made the right move coming out here and all. But I am happy to say that all of that anxiety is behind, for the most part. We still have our doubts but I think that is natural. I now have a new job and I want to say a "real Job' even though it is not a normal 9-5er. I am still a waitress, but now I am at a very high end place. This place is so awesome. The staff that I work with are all career servers, something that I search for when looking to join a new restaurant. The Chef/Owner is a master in the kitchen and a real pleasure to work for. I am so excited to be a part of such an awesome restaurant.

So many of my friends are having babies, and SOON!!! Nov 17 and one in December so that means I had to start on baby gifts. I am currently working on a baby sampler for my girlfriends soon to be son. I sure hope to have it completed and framed by the new year.

Also I am working on a Baby blanket for a friends first baby. They are having a little girl and I though this yarn was so cute. And the pattern is a simple SC, so it should move along fairly quickly, I hope :)

I hopefully will be updating this blog more often.... Please check back often and leave comments I do love them and usually try to respond to them all. I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Making memories this summer

Good goly, I hope ya'll have not forgotten about me? I swear I am still alive and this blog post will prove it :) How can it be August already, this summer is just going so quickly. Which is exactally why my DH and I are trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

Last week my Hubby surprised me with a trip to the Zoo. And I tell ya Riverbanks Zoo is probably one of THE best Zoos I have been to. I have been to San Diego, Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo, Oakland Zoo and the San Francisco Zoo. My favorite thing about this Zoo is how extremlly close you can get to the animals. Here is a photo of the GIRAFFE look at that tounge. They sell lettuce to feed them so they come right up to you and you are able to pet them.

Is'nt this the best!!

We are enjoying our time on the Lake as well and even the days I have to work they are not to bad either. This is a photo taken from the deck at work. This is the annual Lake Murray Poker Run. These boats were muscle cars on water. And to hear them all reving up was something else. It was a fun night to work that night.

The end of summer means my annual family reunion, something that we look forward to all year long. It was my Hubbys first time going to one of these, and they can be a bit over whelming. There are usually 100+ people at my Aunts house. This year we only had about 70. A small decline from last year. But I do think he enjoyed himself. Especially the food, OHHHHH the food. So good!!! I already have it marked on the calender for next year, because it is just that much fun!!

My MaMaw before she passed away told her children that the reunions had to continue, it was a way to keep the family together. So 5 years later they are still going strong. My Aunts really do a fine job.

I have been doing a small bit of stitching, still chugging away on Star Spangled Banner, but not enough to share a photo of yet. I do hope that you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying the days before they pass out of sight. Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment I really appreciate them :)

Take Care

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swimming in fabric

Good Morning.
Welcome to my new followers, I am happy to have you around, I know it has been some time since I have updated this thing but hang around cause I will be posting more often :)
How many here love fabric? Me.Me.Me I love neutrual fabrics but for some reason I have a ton of colorful fabric. I recently went to a stitching GTG in Manning,Sc and where I finally got to meet Karen from Karens Handi Work and Leslie owner of Under the Sea Fabrics, that is who I bought these beautiful pieces from
and Amy owner of Down Sunshine Lane, Amy was great and showed me how those scroll rods work, I am using them know and can't imagine stitching without them now :) It was great finally meeting these ladies. They are just as nice in person as they come come across on their blogs and emails :)

I actually even stitched which is usually hard for me because I talk WAY to much at stitching GTGs, my dear friend Valerie can tell you that I never shut up when I use to go to our GTGs in Californa LOL I would love to show you what I am working on but it is top secret, it's for the PALS GTG that is coming up this October.

We are having wonderful weather here today sun is shining and the weather is just perfect, I don't even have to turn the air on today Woohooo. Of course the weather always turns perfect right when I have to go back to work LOL Oh well such is life. I hope where ever you are you are having a beautiful day and doing what makes you happy.

Take Care
**HUGS** Natasha

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunday Funday!!

That is my offical title for Sundays, along with, Tipsy Tuesdays, Wine Down Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, Ok I should just stop you all might start to think I drink alot LOL

Summer has officially started and I have been busy as a bee. I wish I could say I have been busy stitching away but sadly NO!!! I usually only stitch at night these days because it has been so hot here and sweat dripping onto your beautiful fabric is not cool. I have decided to put Star Spangled Garden on the back burner, at least for a week or so. This is so I can concertrate stitching for the up coming stitching retreat Cross Stitch PALS in Myrtle Beach. Now it is not till October but knowing me and how much I love to procrastinate I thought I'd get an early start on things.

This will be my first time attending but I am already in good hands. A few wonderful ladies decided to take me under their wing and we are going to be roomates. I am so excited to finally meet Michele, Karen, who I have been blogging buddies with for awhile now and Amy from Down Sunshine Lane She is the host of the PALS event.

If you are attending then I look forward to seeing you there as well. I have heard stories and seen pictures so I am really excited to attend.

As I said there has not been much stitching but I did go to my LNS but you know what I bought just needles thats all... I guess I am saving up my shopping energy for October Hehe.

I hate to make a blog post without pictures so I will leave you with this

He was stuck in a pipe in our front yard and by the time I pulled him out he was so tired from trying to jump. Who knows how long he was in there but as long as the FROGS stay away from my stitching I'll be okay :)

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Monday, May 27, 2013

What a weekend

First and formost I want to thank all the brave men and women who have sacraficed and continue to sacrafice for our great country. Thank you!!

What a weekend it was. Friday night DH and I decided that after a whole week of passing each other due to work schedules we thought a date night was in order. We went to our favorite little restuarant here in town, after wards we came home and decided to go for a sunset boat ride our neighbors happened to be in town for the weekend and they had not put their boat in the water yet so we invited them along and this was what followed us on our journey home
A beautiful full moon.

It was getting alittle chilly and I thought it would be romatic to have a nice fire in the back yard and a glass of wine with my hubby , well a fire is an open invite for EVERYONE to come over LOL We did not mind at all we had both neighbors from each side of us come and join us. We were up till 1 A.M roasting marshmallows, laughing and havving a good time. The weekend progressed in much the same way to much sun, to much food and not enough sleep LOL We are so thankfull for the neighbors we have, they are just wonderful and I know it is going to be a wonderful summer here on the lake.

And with such a funfilled weekend that only means there was hardly any stitching done. I am still working on Star Spangled Banner, maybe by July 4th???? Here is where I currently stand with this piece, all that white on the boarder is killing me I kind of wish I would not had done full XS :/

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to everyone who have expressed intrest in the charts I had up for sale on here and on FB. I can't hang on to charts I have already stitched or ones I know I will never get to, best to send them off to new homes :) I will be getting back to everyone tomorrow. If some so not sell or the sell falls through I will relist them again :)

Have a great night

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small Stash Sale

I am selling a few charts from my stash. Please have a look and if there is something you would like to buy let me know via email or here

Thanks for looking :)

Designs For the Needle Snowman Golfing Lace Ornament Kit $2

Blackbird Designs – Loose feathers #21 Garden of Life

Blue Ribbon Designs – Nice and Neat $3 Some pencil marks

Brightneedle – Tall Trees $3

Debbie Draper - Heart Band Sampler Pending

Debbie Draper –French Lace PENDING

M-Designs Checkered Bunnies $3

M-Designs Letters G & H Pending

Homespun Elegance – 2000 Snowman Ornament “rejoice” (W/ fabric and twine) $7

Ink Circles – Hawaiian Mandala Sampler $11

Jeanette Crews – Palms and Pineapples $4

La-D-Da – Miss Mary Mack Pending

Shepherds Bush – Queen Sheep (w/leftover floss) Pending

The Cat’s Wiskers – A Stitchers Meditation $3

Waxing Moon Designs – Good Sports Best Catch and Golf is serious $3

Waxing Moon Designs – Welcome to the Nut House $3

Waxing Moon Designs – Lost Mitten Angel #012 $3

Willow Hill Samplings – American Baby $6

Monday, May 20, 2013

To many charts and not enough time

Good morning beautiful friends,
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We sure did but boy do they go by fast!!
The title of my post I am sure is something many stitchers feel. Yesterday on a FB page I visit someone was looking for a Lizzie Kate chart,now I knew I had it somewhere at least I thought I did so I said let me look through my things and I'll get back to you. Could not find it anywhere. While digging through my charts I realized I have some wonderful charts and then I wondered why is it I have not stitched any of them yet??

There are at least ten in that pile I would LOVE to stitch sometime in my life HaHa! Then this brings me to another point. Organization!! I am usually a very detailed and organized person. When my Husband and I first started dating we went camping with his family I was given the nick name of "Inventory Conrtol" I knew where it was and how much of whatever was left and what was needed. I took that name as a compliment. But it seems these days I am anything but that LOL

What are some of your ways to keep charts, floss and fabric organized? I would love to hear your thoughts.This is a picture of my little stock pile of charts, they are usually just sitting in a cupboard and when I need one I go through the WHOLE pile. It is pretty time consuming, which is probably why I have not stitched as much as I would like.

I will end this post with this picture of Samson playing with a turtle that happened to wonder in our yard... He was in love as you can see him licking it.. Ewww

No turtles were harmed in the taking of this picture

Thanks for visiting