Monday, February 25, 2013

A fine day for a nap......

My header post about sums up my day. Mondays are always a drag A** kind of day but add to that gray skies and cold weather, well you have yourself perfect napping weather. I spent 9 years living in the Bay Area and when the "rainy" season rolled around I sucked it up like a champ knowing that with in a few days the rain would give way to warm sunny weather, in which I would always wear a tank top with my holy jeans and flip flops.. Well I am wishing for some of that weather right about now. I have traded in the flip flops for galoshes

Now I know those of you that are snow bound are probably saying " girl please, stop that belly aching, it's only rain and cold for crying out loud" and yes that is true, I could be stuck in some -20 degree state with snow up to my eyeballs layering on clothes just to go get the mail. But I live in South Carolina, a transplant form California who exiled herself from the frigid weather of Northern Ohio for a reason.... To be warm and I am ready for it by golly. LOL

But for now I will curl up on my couch with my favorite fleece blanket. One good thing about the cold weather is I am able to crochet, something I usually will not do when the weather warms up. I have made a few blankets over the years always for baby gifts but this time I wanted to make something for "us" so this is the start of my ripple blanket. I just picked the colors at random and when I started it I was wondering what was I thinking with this color palette but my husband informed me that these are the colors of the Cleveland Cavs, so Go Team Hahaha!

I sure hope everyone is doing well, I know that I don't post blogs very often but when I do I sure hope that you enjoy reading them. Sometimes I am more talkative than other days so you just never know when I will ramble and entertain :) Enjoy your Monday night friends.

On another note, today would have been my Moms 69th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom, I hope that you are proud of the kids you raised and I hope you know that we are happy but still miss you BUNCHES!! We lost a wonderful,caring soul on the day she passed but I know that she is forever with me wherever I roam ((HUGS))

Take Care!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet surprise

Hey there friends,
I hope this Wednesday finds you well. I have had a nice few days off from work but must go back tomorrow ohhhh the dread haha! I have used this time off to work on my WIP's. I currently have six but one of them I am not really enjoying much. I may have to find it a new home with someone who can truly appreciate it and hopefully finish it.

I decided to visit my hubbys Aunt today, we went to lunch at one of my favorite places, Zestos they have the best broasted chicken ever!!! I just love this place. She showed me the afghan she recently crocheted and then gave me a XS piece someone had stitched for her that needed some dates changed so this weekend that will be my project. Next time I visit we will head to Hobby Lobby to get some yarn for my crochet project.

Once I arrived home I grabbed the mail and in the box was this lovely Valentines Day surprise from Peggy over at Kentucky Sampler. My DH was surprised and asked "who is sending you Valentine presents" He thought it was very nice of her to do that ;) I did as well. So Peggy, a big thank you. York peppermints are my FAVE!!!

From A Stitchers Ramblings">

It is a chilly night this evening so I plan on starting on a new XS project, like I really need another and watching a new season of survivor start. This is one of our favorite shows. He is taking a nap since he unfortunately caught the cold I had last week. Hopefully it does not linger long.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Visiting friends and munchkins

Good morning everyone,
Happy Wednesday, or as I like to call it "Wine down Wednesday" What have I been up to since my last post? Monday I drove up to Greenville,Sc. My girlfriend from California is now living there with her husband and little boy. We have both been in serious need of "friend" time and with it only being 82 miles from me I knew it was time to get up there and visit her. It only took me 1 hour and 20 minutes. I love it that the speed limit is 70 WooHoo my lead foot loves it too Haha!

We decided to head to Downtown. There is a moonshine distillery there so we decided that we would go tasting. Dark Corner Distillery We were able to taste up to six. I only tried four.

Moonshine, which will certainly put hair on your chest!! A true American settler’s style whiskey, our original is made with corn, red wheat, barley and rye. Artfully distilled in a handmade 80-gallon copper pot still, and bottled at 100 proof, our moonshine is ultra-smooth and sure to become your favorite sipping whiskey.

Butterscotch Our butterscotch shine is a sweet marriage of rich candy and corn whiskey. Smooth and decadent, it’s meant to be enjoyed right ’til the last drop. Treat yourself and try it over ice cream or in coffee. this one was pretty darn good but a little to sweet for me.

Apple-achian Shine,is a contemporary twist on a traditional “apple pie” moonshine recipe. It’s a delicate blend of traditional corn whiskey with fresh apple flavor and hints of rich maple syrup and lime – a taste of mountain heritage in every sip! it reminded me of an apple pie with a kick and the last one I tried was

HotMam a is a fiery blend of 111 proof whiskey, natural cinnamon and chipotle peppers, lightly sweetened with organic agave nectar. This whiskey boasts a smoky heat and savory cinnamon finish.

After our tasting we decided to walk off the "shine" at Falls Park This was a true surprise for me, it was like a hidden oasis in the middle of Downtown. Beautiful walking paths, stone steps. This place is pretty in the winter, but I can not wait to go visit in the spring and summer.

This is the Liberty Bridge that crosses over the river, we saw a family getting their family photo taken down by the stone stairs and what a beautiful place to do it.

Visiting with my friends two year old "munchkin" as we refer to him was the highlight of the short trip. He is a talker and always laughing, unless it's bath time LOL But I had so mush fun being a "kid" with him :)He is a cutie!

I am home now and today the weather is beautiful. Warm and sunny, perfect to walk the dogs and then sit outside and stitch. So friends as always thank you for stopping by I enjoy your "company"
Have a great day!!!!