Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cute babies means springtime

It is almost springtime, FINALLY :) And the babies are arriving. We were so very excited when we took our daily walk to go see the Donkeys and we were greeted to this sight.

Is it not the cutest?? It was born just two days ago. There are a total of three babies so far. We love taking an evening walk and bringing them carrots, though there is always one greedy one. He looks just like the Donkey from Shrek, he is very bossy and LOUD LOL.

This guy wanted ALL the carrots, I just had to snap a photo of his cute nose

He is a multi colored donkey, I have never seen this type before.

I have been stitching but there is not enough progress to share a photo. I want to thank all of my followers all 75 of you :) for visiting my blog and if you leave a comment I promise that I will eventually respond back to you. I do read each and every comment and truly appreciate them.

Take care and have a great day!!


  1. That donkey is the cutest for sure!

  2. What lovely photos of the Donkeys and the baby one is indeed very cute :-)


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