Saturday, March 23, 2013

What happened to spring??

Good Evening fine friends,
Are you all wondering what happened to the promise of spring? I sure am, but I will not be suing the ground hog over it like one Lawyer in Ohio. Read the story here Pretty silly if you ask me I know what though, I am SO ready for the real warm weather. I am being deprived of my Vitamin D and so is my husband and let me tell you he is a real "peach" without sunshine, sarcasm inserted there LOL So I am silently saying a prayer and crossing every thing I can cross that this warmer weather soon envelopes all of us :)

On to other news, I went today to fill out all my paper work for the new job and I have to say I am VERY Very excited but also very nervous. Lake Murray does not currently have a restaurant of this level anywhere on the lake. It is all bars with food. This has been a very anticipated opening. I am also very nervous because of that. It is the talk of the lake right now and I know that from April 16 through summer and into fall we are going to be working our tails off... On the plus side two of my co workers from the restaurant that closed its doors on us will be working with me so that right there will make it easier, knowing a few people already. I can not wait for the Grand Opening of this place and if anyone in the Columbia/Lexington area wants to come check it out please do. I know that they will have live music Saturday and Sundays from 2 p.m-6 p.m and from what I have heard a few big names...

Stitching news.... I am almost close to finishing Garden of Life by BBD I was nervous because one of the letters is off a stitch but the rest of the design is adding up so I am going to forget about that letter until I complete the boarder. But I have really enjoyed this design, the colors are so soft and it was stitched in all DMC. Once finished it will take its rightful place among all of my other completed finishes that are waiting for the final days of finishing.

I have family driving down form Ohio, they should be here late tonight so I better get moving and make sure I got this house in order :) Take care firends and may your weekend be wonderful!


  1. Good luck in your new job :)

    Spring is certainly being elusive over here too. We haven't got the snow that many parts of the country have ( I'm jealous! I wanted one last snowfall!) but we have a truly bitter easterly wind blowing and it is freezing!

  2. Lovely sewing. I really like BBD, they are not easy to get over here in England. Good luck with the work.

  3. How nice that you have some coworkers that you already know at your new job! Your stitching is beautiful!

  4. I am so glad you have another job all lined up. Whew! Hope the opening of the new restaurant is smooth!Great progress on your BBD! Hope the warm weather finds you soon. :)


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