Thursday, April 4, 2013

A New to me blog

Good Morning from rainy South Carolina,
I heard on the news this morning a guy giving the reason as to why everyone is having a LONG winter and no it is not because the ground hog predicted the weather wrong. Blame it on Greenland Haha They are warming faster than usual and ice caps are melting therefore pushing cold air to the United States. So there ya have it a little weather knowledge form me

I was browsing blog land this morning and came across this blogSummer House Stitch Works She is having a contest to win 4 of her charts. You have until April 7th to enter. As you leave a comment on her blog please scroll to the post dated from March 21st.... Mistress Mary is one of her designs and OMG how cute is it that she used fabric Yo-Yos to embellish the garden....TO CUTE!!!

As for my stitching I have started a new piece, I will share it with ya'll in a few days. It is a super fast stitch and I have a feeling it be completed soon.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments you have been leaving. I start training for the new job on Monday and the following week they open. This place is the talk of the town right now and we are expecting it to be VERY busy!!! Wishing you all a great Thursday.
Take Care.

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