Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Memories in the making.

Hello dear friends,
Thanks for stopping by. I know I don't respond to your responses all the time but know that I really do appreciate them. Yes, the retreaat sure was a fun time and I wish I was still stitching and laughing the days away, but I will keep those memories until next year.

Speaking of memories, since moving to South Carolina I have been making them with family. We love living close to family, after having lived so far away for so many years. A drive to Ohio is still 9 hours but so worth it when you spend endless hours lauging with your brothers. Amother family event I did this week was making Filled Noodles with my hubbys Aunt. This dish was a family favorite that his Grandmother use to make and when she passed away her sister Donna would make it. But now that Aunt Donna is in her late eightes it has been over 20 years since my husband and his Aunts have had it.

It is basically a meat filled perogie. You take two cottage hams * Have only heard of them being sold in northern Ohio, and was my first time ever having one*, 1 small briskett and simmer them for 4-5 hours till very tender. Take the meat clean off fat and grind meat with eggs and bread slices. We used a hand cranked meat grinder that I borrowed from a friend. Let me tell ya, that was a workout for my arm :)

You then make the noodles.. Our first attempt resulted in huge noodles that were tough but still eatable and full of flavor. You take the ground up meat and make a little meat pocket. Place in the liquid you cooked the meats in and boild for 1-2 minutes. Then enjoy. Aunt J was not pleased with how the noodles looked, but both her and my hubby said they tasted just like Grandmas, which pleased her.

We had alot of leftover meat that we did not stuff into noodles so today I tried to perfect my perogie *noodle* making skills, this batch turned out alot nicer, dough was not as dense and I sealed them with a fork so they looked prettier also :) I made 34 filled noodles today

What do you think would you give them a try??

Also I have been a stitching machine. Here is the progress on the birth sampler I am doign for my girlfriends baby

This design is so cute, I am enjoying it very much. I hope ya'll are having a great day and may a good evening follow.

Take Care


  1. So great to have those memories and be able to make them with family. Yum too! Love that birth sampler -- so cute!

  2. Oh yum! I love perogies. That looks like an awful lot of work though! Makes you appreciate how much our elders used to spend time making all that great food!

  3. Hahaha! I love cheese filled perogies. I thought about making my own, even printed recipes for them. But I found a frozen variety at the store we are crazy for.

  4. It's a great thing that recipes are being passed down. There are some that are lost in our family that I'd love to have! Don't know about making them, but would love to have a taste!

  5. It's a great thing that recipes are being passed down. There are some that are lost in our family that I'd love to have! Don't know about making them, but would love to have a taste!

  6. I love perogies! I think I would've used an electric meat grinder, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Funny that we were sitting at the same table and didn't get to chat, lol.

  7. So glad you are having fun with family. Those pierogies look delicious. Great progress on your baby sampler there. =)

  8. Family time is always a good thing when memories are being made! Yum on the pierogies!!

  9. I think well loved family recipes never die but get better with age!
    Some that I have weren't written down and have a little of this and that...but always delicious.
    They are always time consuming but so worth it in the end.

    The birth sampler is adorable.

  10. Yum the recipe looks Devine! Such a pretty stitching design


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