Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love those after Christmas sales

I was called off from work today, something that is very rare for a Saturday night. I was very thankful for it though I needed to go grocery shopping my fridge was down to the bare bones. But it also ment that I could take a ride to the other side of town to the Hobby Lobby and Joanns. First off to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric and a Tim Holtz Pocket watch, I am sure you have all seen Vonnas pocket watch finish? If not got check it out, it is super cute. I came with my 40% coupon and got the very last one. I can't wait to find a pattern to stitch over one and make it into something special. So thank you V for the inspiration. If you google Tim Holtz pocket watch ideas there is an amazing array of wonderful ideas that pop up.

Next was on to Joannes, they had their Holiday Inspiration Fabrics 70% off I just got a few cuts, but once I got home I realized I probably should have loaded up. I will probably go back on Monday and do some serious fabric buying. Here is a photo of the fabric from both HL and JoAnns

I already have a few projects in mind for these fabric. I need to buy some embellishments, ribbon, lace, rust bells, saftey pins small stars etc.... The fabric with the trees is a really fun fabric it is a very light weight fleece with sparkles, every girl needs sparkles right? The Christmas stuff was already pretty much picked over but lucky for me plently of fabric remains :)

I am off to try and get some stitching in. Tomorrow we are headed to friends for dinner so there will be no stitching till late evening. I am wishing you all a very happy weekend.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Finishing.... I'm on a roll

Now if only I could have been this productive the entire year then I would have had a whole mess of ornaments finished up and ready to ship to family. So now the question is do I just continue to finish the ones left and hold onto till next year or send out the finished ones after Christmas???

Here are the two latest finishes
Sam Sarah "Peace" from Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas Ornament Issue 2009.

Windows of Faith, Hope and Peace by Primrose Needleworks from the 2010 JCS issues

I am making good use of my sewing machine this year but I am thinking she needs to go in for a tune up. She gets a bit grumbly latley.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A few fast finishes.

I have been quickly been trying to finish up stitched ornaments for family and friends but saddly they will not go out till after Christmas. Christmas comes the same time every year but I am always so late with getting things started that I usually start baking cookies the day after Christmas LOL I did to get better about that Hahaha

Any how, I was able to finish these two up, the snowman I posted a picture of last week but I have since added some trim to it, which I think makes it look alot better.

And this ornament was from a sweet friend. A group of us were in an ornament exchange and this is what I recieved, LOVE IT!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 9, 2013

My first wall hanging

Thank you all for your comments, It brightens my day to read them knowing that you take a moment out of your day to do so is really nice :D

I am making headway on the ornaments stitched last year. This one has been in the pile for at least three years. I decided to try and make a wall hanging, I am not completley happy with the finished results, but I will take note and hopefully next time not make the same mistakes.

The way that our weather has been here you really do need mittens, it has been C-O-L-D!!! But as always I am thankful that we do not have snow. If you are in the path of this new winter storm please be safe out there and stay warm.

Till next time friends stitch on.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Late night finishes

I am on a finishing kick and it feels good!! This is Merry and Bright by Little by Little Design Co. from the 2007 JCS ornament magazine. Since it was so prim and rustic'ish I found some fabric in my cabinet that I thought would be perfect for it.

This was my first time trying to add fabric around the design, I always had a hard time understanding how to do this, but after I watched a youtube video it was crystal clear. I can see many more finishes like this in the future.

Who knew finishing was so much fun :D Wishing you all a terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On the 4th day of Christmas........

I was finishing up a storm LOL That really does not rhyme but that is what I am trying to do this week. Last year I stitched quit a few ornaments with the hopes of finishing them up but I never got around to it so now I have all these great ornaments ready to be finished and mailed off to family members. Sometimes it is good to be a procrastinator :D
Here is the first of many. It was the first time sewing a hanger onto the ornament I usually just attach it after, so much easier this way!

The backing fabric is a blue sparkly snowflake pattern. Next I am goign to sew fabric on the front all around the ornament and then add the backing fabric, wish me luck.

Victorian Motto is at it again. Hurry and go to her blog enter to win 25!!! yes 25 skeins (20 yards each!), 500 yards!
of floss from the 1795 Sampler Collection!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!