Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love those after Christmas sales

I was called off from work today, something that is very rare for a Saturday night. I was very thankful for it though I needed to go grocery shopping my fridge was down to the bare bones. But it also ment that I could take a ride to the other side of town to the Hobby Lobby and Joanns. First off to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric and a Tim Holtz Pocket watch, I am sure you have all seen Vonnas pocket watch finish? If not got check it out, it is super cute. I came with my 40% coupon and got the very last one. I can't wait to find a pattern to stitch over one and make it into something special. So thank you V for the inspiration. If you google Tim Holtz pocket watch ideas there is an amazing array of wonderful ideas that pop up.

Next was on to Joannes, they had their Holiday Inspiration Fabrics 70% off I just got a few cuts, but once I got home I realized I probably should have loaded up. I will probably go back on Monday and do some serious fabric buying. Here is a photo of the fabric from both HL and JoAnns

I already have a few projects in mind for these fabric. I need to buy some embellishments, ribbon, lace, rust bells, saftey pins small stars etc.... The fabric with the trees is a really fun fabric it is a very light weight fleece with sparkles, every girl needs sparkles right? The Christmas stuff was already pretty much picked over but lucky for me plently of fabric remains :)

I am off to try and get some stitching in. Tomorrow we are headed to friends for dinner so there will be no stitching till late evening. I am wishing you all a very happy weekend.


  1. Nice finds! I am trying to save money so I didn't go for any sales. Might still go for one online though -- we'll see.

  2. Looks good Natasha I love all the fabrics :) I just finished my third pocket watch but can't share it until the recipient receives it. ;)


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