Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ready to Welcome 2015

I surley am ready to welcome in this New Year tonight. I have my Carnitas marinating in the fridge for dinner tomorrow, I am doing my last load of laundry for 2014 and just finished scrubbing the floors. Every year I make at least one New Years resolution to many, last year it was to stitch an ornament a month and finish ALL the WIP's in my basket among other things that I have forgot what they were.Neither of those things happened so this year I am going to keep it simple and make NO resolutions.

I thought I would sahre with you a few photos from this past year.

Watching my Giants win the World Series AWESOME!!

Rainbow and Twilight up to no good at the PALS retreat in Myrtle Beach

Yearly tradition of making filled noodles with my husbands Aunts. Loved every minute of making them but even better when we finally got to eat them :)

Sweet ornaments from dear friends

And our babies enjoying a sunset boat ride.

This year was very sad with the loss of our sweet sweet Samson. But 2015 will be a brighter year with many finishes :)

I have to pick a design to stitch tonight while I ring in the new year, what will you be stitching tonight??

Have a happy, heatlhy and peacefull New Year
Love and happiness

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A blessed 13 years it was. **Pretty long and picture heavy**

"And I'll take with me the memories To be my sunshine after the rain"

Today as we woke up at 5:30 a.m we didn't get frustrated because we both knew it would be the last 5a.m wake up, it would be the last middle of the night water drinking induced potty break. For today was the day we were putting our sweet westie to rest.

We made this decision many many months ago, but it was me who was finally able to really let "go". So on Monday morning I called the vet and set the appointment. It was very short call. " okay 10:45 wednesday morning, sorry"

After that phone call my DH and I decided to make his last three days with us the best we could.Even though through out his life he lived a GREAT one. Samson had been blind for alittle over a year,and while he was fine in the house, when he got outside it was like walking in a maze. So Sunday we took him for a little car ride with the windows down even though it was around 35 degrees outside. We feed him leftover steak and a splash of sparkling wine on Monday. On Tuesday he got ice cream from Zestos along with some chicken. And on Wednesday morning when he woke we gave him all his favorite duck treats.

Knowing that your pet is GOING to die sucks, because you have MANY days with him which is wonderful but so heartbreaking at the same time. He had become very ill after being bit by what we think was a snake over a year ago. He then became dibetic, lost his eye sight and just slowly went downhill. we had three days to reflect on the wonderful dog he was, all the while crying our eyes out and telling him he was special.

See we have had this little guy from his start. My Brother, his wife and I drove 3 1/2hours to some country town in the middle of Ohio to pick him out. He was the biggest in the bunch, though my husband could not make it with us he had told me before we left, make sure we get a girl. LOL well obviously that did not happen. There were 4 dogs in the litter all bigger than the next, as we were sitting there watching them all here comes this brut of a dog sliding into the food bowls and knocking all his litter mates out of the way. My brother looked at me and said "that's the one, he seems like a clown"

And yes he was. He was always the life of the party, never afraid and always up for some kisses be it human or canine as seen here :D

He was always curious and LOVED the snow but in order to go potty we had to clear a patch away to reveal grass, imagine doing this in a 6' snow storm in Colorado LOL But we did it because after all we loved him. And he would not go unless we did it LOL

He had a special blanket that he stole off the back of the couch as a puppy, he slept with blanket, he sucked on that blanket like it was his pacifier and he went to doggie heaven wrapped in the warmth of this blanket while in my arms. I am so blessed to have had this special dog in our lives. He taught me patience, love and how to enjoy life. He was ours and we loved him.
Samson may you know no pain and have endless beaches to walk and mounds of snow to frolic in. We love you little dude.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Snowflakes are Kisses from Heaven

Good Morning dear friends,
I told you on my last post I would be back with a photo of what I am stitching. This is January Snowdrop by Cottage Garden Samplings. I was gifted this chart along with the Febuary Chart last year from blogger Linda Such is Life. She sweetley sent me both after she had stitched them. THANK YOU!!

I started it Sunday evening after we put up our Christmas tree. As I sat there looking at the tree with all the ornaments that bring me joy I kept repeating the saying on this chart in my head. "Snowflakes are kisses from heaven" It made me think of my Mom, instantly. She loved Christmas. The joy she had while baking and decorating was felt in everything she did. So I decided to dedicate this piece to her, so I have added her intials and her date of birth.

Sadly she left this world in 2004 and it is during this time that I miss her the most. But when I put the tree up and bake her favorite cookies I can feel she is still with me in the spirit, for that shall always live on.

I am using a piece of 28ct even weave I found in my fabric drawer, it is sponged. You can't tell very well in the picture but it has a pretty light pink under tone to it. I also am using DMC.

What else has been taking up my time these days?? Baby blankets. Here is the latest one I have made. This is for my cousins little boy he is just a month old and his daddy is a Georgia fan so she asked me to do GA colors. Hopefully next week I can drive down to Charleston and drop this off to her and meet that precious baby of hers :) I am in need of baby snuggles.

Well folks there you have it. I do believe this is the longest post I have made in months Woohoo! Wishing all of you a great day.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stick a fork in me I am done

I have had my fill of Thanksgiving leftovers :) Though it was all so tasty I am ready for them to be gone from my fridge. I hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving. This year it was just my Husband and I and we both stayed in our PJs all day. It was lovely :)

I started on a new project and I am really enjoying it so far. It is a nice break from making baby blankets. I will share a photo in my next post. I know it has been some time since I last blogged and I hope you all are still sticking around :) I have found myself over in Facebook land and on Instagram catching up with alot of stitchers. I think that is the newest way, I do like it but I still love to sit down and write out a blog post and hear from you my followers.

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday and a great rest of your weekend.

Till next time take care

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Do you like surprises??

Well if so head on over to this blog Stitching OZ On Nov. 13th she will draw one lucky persons name.

I ahve not been stitching much latley. Taking a short break this week while I KIT up some projects.... Deciding on floss and fabric for something is very time consuming Hahaha Hopefully I will be back shortly with some pictures to share. I am being a lazy blogger latley.

Take care and I hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stitching retreat pictures........Picture heavy post

I attended the PALS Stitching at the Beach retreat this past weekend. This was my second year. And just like last year I had such a fun time. I roomed with the same ladies as last year. Let me tell ya these ladies are never lacking in the fun department. The conversations we end up having are priceless.

I did manage to stitch a few things and it ended up being two small kits I bought from and her design she made especially for PALS 2014 Hands on Design they includ everything needed to finish the designs. I also bought a mess of trims from Cathy as well she has some lovely hand dyed pom poms and ric rak. You can never have to much. Cathy is just the sweetest person.

Another of my favorites was there again this year Beth fromSummer Stitch House Works She also designed a piece especially for this PALS retreat. I am working on that now. Beth is super sweet.

I will share a few photos of things I bought, recieved and exchanged.
My roommate Michele went to Paris last month and when I got to my room Thursday these gifts were sitting on my bed. I adore Michele, she is such a sweetheart and the only one who can call me BRAT and I let it slide :) You can read all about her trip HERE

Last year I did not participate in any of the exchanges, but I knew I had to do at least three this year. I am so glad I did. The grab bag exhange was the most fun. I will do this one again next year for sure. You place your things you buy in a container so no one can see the contents,stitching necessities, fabric, floss etc.

You are picking based on the contaier. Some are very small and some are very large. I will find some photos of the exchange table and post those tomorrow. It is like White Elephant you can steal or choose from the table and the next can steal from you or pick from table the third person must pick from the table so on and so on. I had my eye and hands on many awesome containers. I ended up picking a package that looked like a HoBos thing they carry over their shoulder. This is what was inside. LOTS of fabric and usefull stitching tools. I loved it

Next is a pillow I recieved from the Stitched exchnage. This was a fun exchange also. Everyone put their stitched piece in a bag so you could not see what was inside, you placed it under your chair and then basicly played musical chairs switching seats OFTEN. Eventually the game ended and you end up with whatever bag was under your seat. Let me tell you every item stitched for this game was beautiful. I absolutley adore mine.

Next was the Christmas Exchange. You stitch as many christmas ornaments as you want and then when your ticket number is called you get to go to the table and pick an ornament you want. I stitched a small pillow, small enough to be displayed. when my number was called I really had a tough time picking but in the end I went with this one. I tend to decorate in a woodsy rustic theme so I thought this would be perfect. The woman who stitched this stitched many other things that were the coveted items during exchanges LOL

And lastly here is a photo of the goodies I bought from the Vendors. I was pretty good and did not go overboard but I don't think that is the point of these things LOL Whenever anyone from our table came back from the vendor area we all got excited to see what they bought. It was like Christmas

I will share a few more photos tomorrow because this is already super long. Tomorrow I will share what Amy who puts this all together gave to us on our last day there. If you have stuck around this long then I thank you. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you ever get the chance to attend a PALS Retreat do it. It is so much fun meeting new stitchers and getting together with old friends.
Take Care and Happy stitching

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Are you Thankful for

Victorian Motto is having a giveaway on her blog and she is asking those to post the link on their own blog to be eligable for 25 more entries. I have much to be thankful for Great friends, a loving husband, my faith and the ability to stitch. Head on over to her blog and enter to win some of her beautiful floss.
Be ye Thankful giveaway

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Keep me away from sharp objects!!!

Why oh why am I so clumsy? Me and sharp objects just do not mix! And right before I am to go on a stitching retreat next weekend, this happens.

Last night while there was a commercial during the baseball game I went into the sewing room to cut some fabric for a stitched piece I am finishing. Well insted of cutting the fabric I rolled that rotary cutter right over my thumb, almost nearly cut the whole tip off!! It is a deep cut but hubby and I looked at it this morning and we decided that it is not deep enough to need stitches. Two months ago I got bit by my blind dog whose thought he was attacking the nieghbors dog but in reality he was attacking the air and when I went to pick him up he got my wrist, that also did not get stitches, though I did get a tetanus shot.

I have two pieces that I need to finish before next Wednesday and I am hoping that this heals quickly so I can get that work done. So for now there will no stitching. I guess I can use this time to KIT up some projects to take with me to the retreat. My husband has insited that I am no longer allowed to use sharp objects after 8p.m LOL Probably best :)

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy. I will update everyone about my finger the next few days....

Take care and happy stitching :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

7 ornaments in the current 2014 JCS magazine I hope to stitch

First, let me say thank you to those that have stopped by to leave comments. Always so nice to read them. Those ort boxes were very addicting to make but sadly I don't have the actual instructions and not sure if I could explain it. BUT if you are going to the PALS retreat in Mrytle Beach Oct 15-20 I will he there and would be happy to show you, just bring some scrap book paper :) 2 pieces equal 1 box.

Ok onto my top five ornaments from the current JCS ornament magazine. In no particular order. I actually ended up picking eigh seven.

Be an Elf by The Primitive Hare

Home for Christmas by Gentle Pursuit Designs
I love this scenery

Star of Wonder by Julia Lucas

Faith by Nikyscreations
love the simplicity of this one

Just One More Stitch by The Victoria Sampler
I think we can all relate to this as stitchers :)

Christmas Reindeer Bisornu by Praiseworthy Stitches
Who can resist a biscornu?

Star of Wonder by The Stitchworks

I was quit pleased with the selection of ornaments in this years issue. When will I start these? who knows. I have all of these completed projects that need some finishing attention. 47 in this drawer
three are being sent off to a finisher and one is being framed. The rest might be finished by me.

I hope ya'll enjoyed this post. What are your favorite ornaments in this years issue?

Take care and happy stitching!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

paper ort boxes

I have spent a good part of my evening making these
Paper ort boxes. Picked up some scrapbook paper today and went to town, they are so easy to make. Hopefully I can crank out another 16 tonight.

I attended a local EGA stitching get together and they were making them for an upcoming meeting. I am thinking about joining the chapter even though it really is on the other side of town for me. But it is so nice to stitch with others

I have also made some progress on Quaker Reindeer by The Workbasket

Almost finished with it. I am enjoying this design

Next blog post I will list my top 5 2014 JCS ornaments

Take care and stitch on!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sister Stitcher

WOW, September already? Where did the summer go? What a great summer it was. We truly enjoyed our summer. My sister came to visit, I went to Virginia for a family reunion, spent a ton of time boating and swiming at the lake. I am sad to see it coming to an end in the next month but I will say I am looking forward to the cooler temps.

Today was a high of 77, and right now it says 73 on the computer but it feels slightly cooler than that. With cooler temps brings fires outside, sweaters and my favorite sweatpants. But most of all the return of my oven..... I have not turned my oven on since May, yup you read that right. It has been since May that I cooked a meal in my oven. How did we survive?? Crock pot and the grill. I made some really awesome meals in the Crock Pot. But I can't wait to bake biscuts, cornbread and pies :) Ohh oven how I have missed you LOL

What have I been up to since my last post?? Trying to finish baby blankets for babies that have already made their way into this world, but also working on some exchanges for my upcoming trip to PALS Stitching retreat in Myrtle Beach. I can't wait. This will be my second year attending. I had such a great time last year, and it is so nice to meet all the wonderful stitching people that you talk to via email, blog posts and face book. I am working on a Christmas ornament for the exchnage and possbly one more if I have time.

I did finish this last week it is a freebie by Primitive Hare You can click and it will take you to the link. It was fun to put my own twist on it by picking out fabric and colors of my choice.

I could see myself stitching this one again. It was that much fun. Has everyone seen the newest JCS Ornament mag?? What ornaments do you just HAVE to stitch? I have a few in mind maybe on my next post I will list my top 5.

Till then I hope you all have a wonderful day :D

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Almost Halloween

That is the name of my most recent finish. This was such a fun stitch, I loved the bats with their sating stitched wings. I still have to find tiny black buttons to stitch for the spiders bodies. Once that is done I will be sending this one off to Faye for finishing.

It is still hot here is the South sure does not feel like fall weather yet, but today marks the most important day,the start of collegee footBall season. Let me tell ya people LOVE their Collegee football here in South Carolina! I actually have the night off from work so I will get to stay home and watch the first game of the season South Carolina GameCocks against Texas A&M.

I hope ya'll have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm back in the saddle again

so are you know humming that aerosmith song?haha, if so good :) My house guests left early this morning and things are settling back to normal. It was so great hanging out with my sister and her husband. I am wore out though, we stayed up everynight till about 4a.m laughing and talking.

Today is my last day off before I head back to work tomorrow. So after I had some coffee I grab my current WIP and got to stitching it has been over a week maybe more since I picked up a needle and I will say I missed it. I don't have a current photo and I don't want to take it off the scroll rodsbecause I'm being lazy right now HA! I will however share with you the fabric I recieved in the mail a few days ago from Terri at Dixie Sampler.

She just recently started dyeing and selling her fabrics not to long ago and I think they are a huge hit with Prim stitchers. I found out she was selling her fabrics from a FB stitching group called Prim Stitchers Society. How many of you are in this group? I belong to several FB groups all of which a very active with postings.

Aren't they pretty. There is 30ct Olde Ivory and 32ct Vintage P-nut brittle. Now I just need to raid my stash and see what I can stitch on these beauties.

Before I go one of our fellow bloggers is in need of prayers and good thoughts. I will link her blog so you can read about what's going on.
Maggee from stitching devotee

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesaday!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Babies galore and late night reading.....

Good morning friends,
Since that last post the one about me deleting ALL my photos for my blog, well they are gone, yup forever lost. It is a shame but I will not make that mistake twice.
This seems to be the year of babies, not from me but so many of my friends. And when I hear they are expecting I whip out my crochet needles and start making blankets. So far this year I have made four and have two more to make. The current one is a chevron pattern which I love but this one is not going so smooth. So in the end I am going to rip out the stitches I have done and just do a simple striped pattern like the one below.

This is one I just completed last week it was mailed off to California and in a few days baby R will be here to enjoy some snuggles in it.

With all this blanket making I have not pick up a needle to XS in over 3 weeks. What?? 3 weeks is way to long.I know and now I will be working all this weekend and then my sister and her husband will in town Sunday till next week so I will probably not get around to all my lovely WIP's till the following weekend. This is just crazy LOL

With the lack of stitching I have made some time to read. I bought a kindle paperwhite 6 months ago to replace my 2nd generation kindle. I love it. It is perfect for reading at night in bed, you can adjust the lighting and it does not cast off a glow like a computer or and IPad would. I am currently reading The Fault in our Stars.... I have about 4 chapters left and I have been bawling my eyes out, like seriously this is the saddest book I have read in a long time.

I also recently finished reading The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2) it is a fantasy novel and 1,120 pages long. I read the first book in 4 months but this one took me almost two years to read. I have never been a fan of this type of writing but it was actually better than I thought. It was lent to me by a friend who swore I had to read it. Did it change my life?? No, but it did transport me to a different world when I read it. Which is the goal of a witer when they set out to write a book I think.

Hopefully there are still some readers and followers on my blog. I know it has been neglected for some time, but I assure you I am still here and soon I will actually have some stitching to share. Untill then take care my friends and let your needles fly :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Uh-oh made a big mistake

I made a huge boo boo last week and did not realize it till now. All my pictures from picassa/google are gone!!!!! I was deleting some photos I did not need in picassa and I guess I deleted ALL of my blog photos :(


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Selling my Lap Stand

Howdy folks, yes I know it has been forever since I have made a blog post. Sad I know. I promise I will be changing that soon. But for right now I am making a quick post. I am selling my K's Creation Z Frame Lap Stand. I have had it for about 3 years and used it maybe a dozen times. I prefer to stitch in hand. I am asking $50 including shipping.

Email or comment here if interested. I have cross posted this.
Thank you

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thank you to all that commented and also those that left comments to enter the drawing. I let random number generator do the picking. I will post the winner at the end of this blog post.

How was everyones 4th weekend? I sure do hope everyone had an enjoyable time celebrating the Independance of this great nation. I had one heck of a week. My work closed for 8 days which gives all of us time to take vactactions. I spent the first half of my vaction at home spending time with my husband, getting sun and enjoying the lake.

The other half was spent at my family reunion. Every year my Dads sister hosts a reunion at her house. And let me tell ya it is a full house :) They have 11 brothers and sisters, plus all their chidren and their childrens children. Before my Dads mother passed away she asked that the reunions be continued and my Aunt has done a fine job. It is alot of work getting a party ready for 80+ people. I admire her so much, really all my Aunts and Uncles. They are just the sweetest people I know. We always have such a great time catching up, laughing till we cry, telling stories and just being with one another. It it something I look forward to every year but sadly it always passes to quickly.

Saturday morning when I woke this is the view I was greeted with.
Southwest Virginia is home to me even though I was not born there. Gives me such a peaceful feeling.

While I was there I did have a small window to stitch. This is To The Beach by Cathy from Hands On Design
It was a special release for PALS last year. I changed the word "thee" to "Me" I am thinking of making a zippered bag and puting it on that. Well who am I kidding I am thinking of having Faye make me a zippered bag LOL

When I got home from Virgina I was greeted by my In laws they will be here till Friday so the fun continues. Which is why I am a day late in posting the wimmer of the Cinnamon Hearts chart. So the winner is.............. Fog City Dweller Valerie I will emailing you shortly :)

I thank you all again for the kind comments. I enjoy reading your posts. I hope you have a wonderful evening.
((HUGS)) to you all!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Finally a finish

I bought this chart a few months ago and put the finale stitches in a few hours ago. I had to get alittle edgy with it and throw some color in there. This was such a fun little design. Nan's designs are always great to stitch and her finishing instructions are always so detailed and easy to follow. But with this one I am going to send it off to Faye becasue she is so talented.
Here is the finished project

How many of you have stitched this design? If you have not and would like to well today is your lucky day. I will pass the chart AND the leftover floss which I think will be enough to use. Just become a follower and leave a comment with a way to get a hold of you. I will pick a winner on Monday July 7th

Happy Stitching to you all

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sometimes older is better

I picked up this dresser from a listing I saw on Facebook. I have been without a dresser for six years, six years people is a long time to keep your clothes in rubbermaid bins ;) Sometimes I felt like I was a college student with the way I was storing my clothes. But now I am the proud owner of this beautiful piece.

The lady I bought it from said when she found it it was covered in layers of paint and it was missing the drawer fronts. So she sent it off to a cabinet maker and when he striped it underneath all of that paint was beautiful Tiger wood. The handles need to be replaced as they are just small metal knobs, I am going to check out the flea market and the antique stores in search of some pretty knobs before I turn to the internet.

I love old furniture and waiting for me back in Ohio is my Grandmothers china cabinet and her antique dresser. And hopefully within the next 6 months I can finally move it down here to South Carolina.

On the stitching front I am slowly working on Cinnamon Hearts by Threadwork Primitive I really enjoy the colors but I am thinking of using a much different contrasting color for the peacock, we'll see. Well folks since I have to do some errands before I head into work I wish you all a lovely day and a fantastic weekend :D

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello is this thing on????

Well hello friends, though I have not been blogging I still have been busy as a bee. Since it has been almost 1 whole month I will start off will a small post and give a longer one next time. Things here in South Carolina have been busy and HOTTTTT there is a reason why Columbia,Sc chose the nick name famously hot. 98 degrees with alot of humidity UGH something this West Coast girl is not use to. But thankfully the lake is near by if you can't beat the heat just jump on in.

Yesterday I was checking my tomato plants and on my Purple Tomatillo look what I found....

Is this not the strangest thing ever. It is a Hornworm and will devore tomato plants. So while I am glad I found him I was sad to have to take him away from his feeding grounds.... I told him I was sorry before I started plucking him off. Sucker was strong LOL

Today I drove to the next town over, they have some great antique shops. While though I did not buy anything I did snap a photo of these barn Swallows. There were about 4 nests total and this little chick was begging for it's Mama to come feed him.

I hope everyone is stitching their hearts out this summer. What fun charts have you bought? A girl is always looking to be enabled :D

Have a fantastic night and take care!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

What I've been up to

I can't believe it has been 20 days since my last post. This makes me sad that it means another month is almost over. But also happy because it has been a fun filled month. Here are a few photos from the past few weeks.

Grandma Jerrys birthday cake. Her party was a great success over 70 people attended and it was so nice to see the joy on her face. It was also great seeing many cousins I have not seen in a few years and their children. She loved her gift. My Aunt really liked her gift as well.

Thursday night after work the Hubby and I took a sunset cruise. The dogs seem like they are enjoying the ride. Even though Samson *the white dog* can't see anymore he loved feeling the wind in his face. These are our babies :)

And lastly our garden. The jalapeno's are starting to come in. We also planted Bell Peppers, Pole beans, around 8 tomato plants and a farmer friend of mine gave me a purple tomatillo plant as well as a striped Armenian cucumber plant. I've had them in the ground for about a week so hopefully soon we will start to see some progress.

This is the first time I have done a garden here at this house and I know that the soil could be better but I am hoping that the veggies thrive. The tomato plants are doing really well I hope the others follow :)

I am currently working on two baby blankets and getting some XS in as much as I can. It is so hard this time of year becasue the weather is just so beautiful and I find myslef putting aside my XS and playing in the garden.

I am hoping that all my blogging friends are enjoying their weekend. Thank you for always visiting :D

Have a terrific day my friends!
Love in Stitches,

Monday, May 5, 2014

summer has arrived

I do believe summer reared it's little head today, temps were in the mid 90's. We had a perfect weekend, seriously the best in a long time becasue it did not rain :) Our neighbors were down from Charlotte and we invited them over for a cinco de mayo dinner last night and then we took a sunset cruise on their boat. It was a perfect end to the evening.

Today was the heat wave, 95 and sunny so what do you do when it's that hot??

The water was still a tad chilly to swim but I along with all the other boaters waded out to our knees. This little beach is known as "Sandy Beach" on the weekends it is packed full of boaters, some beach their boats and when there is no more room everyone just ties off. We rarely come here on the weekends because it is so busy, we forgot about today being cinco de mayo so when we got there it was already pretty packed. We love this beach we take the dogs and there are usually other dogs running around.

When it is this hot I usually do not get much stitching done until it cools down in the evening, but on Saturday I did manage to finish this pillow for my Grandmothers birthday . I was so nervous about sewing it but I think it went fairly smooth. I noticed that I do need to take my sewing machine in and get her tuned up. I want to keep it in tip top shape and have yet to do that since buying it a few years ago.

Her are all the fabric I used to finish the piece, the light colored fabric is on the back

I recieved cinnamon hearts a few weeks ago and am now putting some stitches into it. I can't wait to see it come together.

Wishing you all a fantastic week. Thank you for all your lovely commentsa. I really appreciate them always :D

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

LHN Finish, picture heavy

I recently contacted Faye of Carolina Stitcher and asked her if she would be interested in finishing a gift that was going to be given to my Aunt for her Birthday. Even though it was a tight schedule she kindly said yes.

Now I am sure everyone has seen her beautiful work on her blog, but to see her work in person, well it is pretty awesome.
a pretty pink flower.

a cute little pocket where I am going to put a note card in there for my Aunt just to tell her how much I appreciate her.

And the whole piece.

If you have the chance to use Faye please do. You will not be disappointed. Her work is amazing and she is just as sweet as could be.

I am almost finished with my Grandmas gift. a few more stitches and then it is ready to be finished I will attempt to make a hanging pillow. I have fabric already picked out and some old lace taken from an old pillow case. I love to re purpose items

I will hopefully have pictures to share this weekend of the finished piece. Untill then I really appreciate those that visit and those that leave comments. I know many lead busy lives so to take a few moments out your day is a treasure :D

Have a wonderful Wednesday or as my DH says " HUMP DAAYYYYYYY!!!!" LOL

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring in the garden

I don't know about you but this time of year is my favorite. There is a warm breeze blowing, the soft humm of bees at work and loud croaks from the frogs. Those sounds set my heart a flutter. Last week I decided to put in some tomato plants, pepper plant, cucumber and plant some pole beans, everything is looking good and I can't wait for those fresh tomatoes to come in. Nothing is better that a tomato and mayo sandwich on fresh white bread. That screams summer to me :)

I have been working every night on my Grandmas birthday present. Once I am finished stitching it I hope to make it into a small hanging pillow, something she can hang in her room. She is living in a assisted living facility. I talked to my Aunt yesterday and she told me that Grama is now taking her meals in the cafeteria and going to church services on Sundays. She is worried about her hummingbirds though. She said "now who is going to feed them" She is just so sweet. And she is VERY excited about her birthday party.

She was a quilter and when she moved into this place she could not take her quilting things with her , plus it is hard for her to see now. So she donated everything to her church. Well the youth group and some of the elders took some tracings she had done and made a quit from her fabric. They are going to raffle it off to help raise money for a church members medical bills that insurance would not cover. I am blessed to have this lady in my life.

Here is the stitched piece I am working on for her. I am using Lakeside Linen 40ct vintage navy bean The design comes from Prairie Schooler ~ Farm Fresh. There is a section of grass to be stitched near the bottom, I think I am going to add a couple chicks to that area since she use to have a few of her own.

It is Friday and that means the weekend! I work tonight and tomorrow but Sunday it is going to be a beautiful 85 degrees and I will be at my friends farm helping her out with an event she is hosting. I hope to take many photos of her precious animals and wonderful gardens. So until next time my friends thank you for dropping by I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. Many blessings to you this weekend!