Thursday, January 30, 2014 starts and Snow go away

First off thank you for all the kind comments on the baby sampler. I promised to pick a name for the chart and pass it on,so drumroll please....... and the lucky gal is Denise from Country Stitcher. I will be emailing you shortly to get your mailing info.

Are you dreaming of warm sand and cool waves washing over your feet, the sun shining on your face?? So am I . After the snowy weather this week I need a trip to the Caribbean!! here is a picture of what we woke up to on Wednesday morning.

Now I know alot of you live in the North and snowy regions and this is just another winter day but for this Ohio born/Cali transplant, I don't like it LOL Oh yes I wished for it on Sunday night along with alot of other South Carolina people. But now this girl is ready for the warmer weather to return :)

Of course when it snows in these parts most everyone gets a snow day. Which is awesome that as an adult I get that joy of staying home and looking out at the beauty of freshly fallen snow without having to scrape off a car and freeze my hiney off. I did wake up at 7a.m and ventured outside to build a snowman :D Hubby watched from the window and stayed warm.

Yesterday I dug through my basket of charts and pulled out Beach-y Mood by Cross Eyed Cricket. I am stitching it 1 over 2 on 40ct and so far I really am enjoying it. It is fun to watch all of the motifs come to life as I move along.

I am wishing you all warmth and sunshine even if only in your mind. Have a great day and remember, enjoy the journey :)


  1. Ours started just before dark, so didn't get to see it falling, but did get the snow day plus two hours this morning! Now I'm ready for spring, too.

  2. I love that you built a snowman! Good for you. =)

  3. Ooooh, I love the Cross Eyed Cricket's series of letters and words! Looking forward to seeing more of this one. Glad you got a snow day. I'm so ready for spring, it's not funny. Ugh.

  4. What crazy weather we all have been having this winter! Hope you enjoyed your day ~ stay warm!

  5. Beachy Mood seems to be the perfect pattern to stitch while it's snowing outside. We are having snow as well and I'm also dreaming of spring.


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