Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feeling blessed

Mel over at Epic Stitching is the host of this year long Stitching from Stash group This month, in addition to the normal $25 budget, we were allowed a splurge of $100 for the Nashville Market weekend. Guess how much I spent?? $10 yup only $10 I am pretty good about window shopping. I looked at all the new things that came out for market and while there were so many great designs nothing really pulled me in. It is easy to resist when you have so many awesome projects kitted up from your own stock pile :)

This week I started stitching LHN "Glory to God" from the 2008 JCS Ornament magazine. I would love to be able top show you a photo but I miscounted the boarder and had to pick it all out so there is not much to share at this time. It will eventually be a gift for my Aunt, she picked it out way back in 2009 so I guess it is time to finally stitch it for her :)

Last week Weeks Dye Works held a drawing on their facebook page. it was open to the first 20 comments and would you know they drew my name I was super excited and yesterday after getting home from the hospital, more about that later, it was delivered to me. It sure did put a big smile on my face.
Isn't it beautiful? Love the wool and I can't wait to find ways to use it.

On our way to the hospital yesterday we saw this messsage on a church billboard "Worrying is as useless as sawing saw dust" it was perfect for that day. Yesterday I had to go for a mammogram and ultrasound. I found a lump two months ago and my doctor felt another lump when she did my exam two weeks ago, so I made an apponment for Monday, let me tell you that week of waiting for Monday to arrive was very tough. I was a ball of nerves. They could not get a good read from the mammogram so they did an ultrasound. While I was waiting for the doctor to come in I tearfully said a prayer that all would be well. And it was!!! There were no areas of concern. He did say I have a good amount of cysts but he was not worried as I should not be either. Thank the lord!! I immediatly felt a great weight lift off of me. I am so gratefull and know that life is precious.

Today is a beautiful day here in SC the sun is shining and it is suppose to be in the 60's I am going to spend the morning cleaning the house BLAH!! and then hopefully I can work on that boarder :) I hope you all have a fantastic day today.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some days I'm a klutz

~ Good Day to you all ~

I want to thank you all for your suggestions on getting that highlighter out. I ended up just putting a snowflake button over it LOL And Valerie it was after a night of drinking wine, I laid the fabric on top of the uncapped highlighter not knowing till I woke up the next morning LOL

I jut finished up Roly Poly Rudulph from the 2013 JCS ornament preview issue. He was a fast and fun stitch to complete. Now I am going to start his companion Roly Poly Santa.


On a sad note, I broke something very dear to me. I am usually not a setimental person when it comes to hanging onto things but anything that was my Moms. I hate to get rid of anything that was hers let alone break things. I have had this Multi Milk Colored Glass siting on my bathroom counter for years. Last week I was looking at it thinking "I probably should put a plastic cup in here, cause I would hate to break it" Well today I kncoked it right of the counter :( I have tried searching the image on Google with no luck. Maybe one of you folks out there can point me in the right direction I really would like to replace it. I am going to go to the local antigue mall and see if I can't find something there.


I have lost many things to my accident prone self, though I have gotten better about being careful through the years. I might need to pad my house so things will bounce and not break LOL

Anyway wishing you all a great day and thank you for visiting my blog and always for your great words :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Adults get snow days too.....

at least here in South Carolina they do :D Thankfull that our Govenour decided to shut down the state Wednesday and thankfull that my work said they were closing tonight, because driving out on these roads tonight would be CRAY-CRAY!! I live about 25 miles outside of Columbia,Sc and while they have plow trucks out here in the "Country" they don't come out this way. My neighbors were getting around in their ATVs yesterday during the thick of it.

We we so fortunate that we did not lose power, we had alot of trees that were frozen over and hoovering mighty close to power lines. Like this tree, which I actually really really would like to see fall down. It's branches are out of controll and it drops sap like you would not believe.

This is what it looked like this morning but once the temps reached 37 the ice started to melt and the tree returned to its upright position. We have a beautiful Crepe Myrtle in the front yard and she was covered in ice also.

What do you do when you are snowed in and you can't leave your house for three days? You tend to watch alot of silly reality shows, stitch and eat everything you can fearing a power outage LOL. I have had this in my WIP bin since October and thought what a perfect time to try and finish her. All that is left are some stitched snowflakes oh and trying to get rid of that orange highlighter mark... Going to try working on that in a bit.

I did have a good amount of fun yesterday. We have a VERY steep boat ramp so I thought it would be the perfect place to go sledding but only problem was I don't have a sled. No worries all you need is the top of a Rubbermaid Starage Container and voila an instant sled. But make sure you don't head into the lake :)

I hope those that are getting winter weather still contiue to stay warm, be safe and stay positive. Spring is around the corner SOMEDAY!

Warm hugs and happy stitching

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life is a blessing

I was going through some old videos on my camera and I came across one from my 30th birthday 6 years ago. My two dear girlfriends flew from Colorado to California to celebrate. we laughed, acted silly and drank way to much Champagne as they toasted me one said " I hope we will will be doing this at your 60th birthday" those are the type of friends that one hopes for. Friends that are there to listen to you and friends that offer advice and sometimes they are there to tell you you are crazy and you need to get yourself in check. They are the friends that tell you are crazy for getting rid of your stitching stash :) *V* and crazy for giving up on your dreams.

I have been lucky in life to have these types of friends. And though we don't keep in touch daily we are able to reconnect even after an absence. Sometimes I take things for granted and forget that life and friendship is a gift. I need to make sure I am making an effort to tell thoses that are important to me that they matter and they are important to me. Time is precious and it slips away to fast. So my goal this year is to be more involved in the life of my friends and family..

Also I am hoping to stitch an ornamnet a month, some to be kept and some to be given away. I have started my Feb ornament. This Roly Poly Rudolp by Hands on Design. I found this fabric at the bottom of my fabric bin and after many pass throughs in the JCS ornaments I decided on this design. There is also a Roly Poly Santa that I plan on stitching on green striped fabric

I want to thank those that visit my blog and those that leave comments. It really brings a smile to my face when I read a comment. I love stitching and sharing that joy with others. I wish you all a wonderful evening.

Stitch On