Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life is a blessing

I was going through some old videos on my camera and I came across one from my 30th birthday 6 years ago. My two dear girlfriends flew from Colorado to California to celebrate. we laughed, acted silly and drank way to much Champagne as they toasted me one said " I hope we will will be doing this at your 60th birthday" those are the type of friends that one hopes for. Friends that are there to listen to you and friends that offer advice and sometimes they are there to tell you you are crazy and you need to get yourself in check. They are the friends that tell you are crazy for getting rid of your stitching stash :) *V* and crazy for giving up on your dreams.

I have been lucky in life to have these types of friends. And though we don't keep in touch daily we are able to reconnect even after an absence. Sometimes I take things for granted and forget that life and friendship is a gift. I need to make sure I am making an effort to tell thoses that are important to me that they matter and they are important to me. Time is precious and it slips away to fast. So my goal this year is to be more involved in the life of my friends and family..

Also I am hoping to stitch an ornamnet a month, some to be kept and some to be given away. I have started my Feb ornament. This Roly Poly Rudolp by Hands on Design. I found this fabric at the bottom of my fabric bin and after many pass throughs in the JCS ornaments I decided on this design. There is also a Roly Poly Santa that I plan on stitching on green striped fabric

I want to thank those that visit my blog and those that leave comments. It really brings a smile to my face when I read a comment. I love stitching and sharing that joy with others. I wish you all a wonderful evening.

Stitch On


  1. Great friendships are a blessing! Love your reindeer on the candy cane stripe fabric!

  2. That roly poly looks adorable!

  3. Your Rudolph is looking very cute on the striped fabric. Friends are indeed blessings in our journey.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Friendships like that are the best... my girlfriends and I are just like that when we get together... silly sleep overs with lots of junk food and giggles. I can't wait to see your finished ornament... too cute!

  5. Smart plans you have for this year. Cute start on your ornament.

  6. Good friends are wonderful and we all need them, especially those that understand stitching!

  7. Friends like that are so special!

  8. Rudolph is a really cute stitch.

    You were the winner of my chart giveaway could you e-mail me your snail mail address so I can send the chart out to you.


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