Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some days I'm a klutz

~ Good Day to you all ~

I want to thank you all for your suggestions on getting that highlighter out. I ended up just putting a snowflake button over it LOL And Valerie it was after a night of drinking wine, I laid the fabric on top of the uncapped highlighter not knowing till I woke up the next morning LOL

I jut finished up Roly Poly Rudulph from the 2013 JCS ornament preview issue. He was a fast and fun stitch to complete. Now I am going to start his companion Roly Poly Santa.


On a sad note, I broke something very dear to me. I am usually not a setimental person when it comes to hanging onto things but anything that was my Moms. I hate to get rid of anything that was hers let alone break things. I have had this Multi Milk Colored Glass siting on my bathroom counter for years. Last week I was looking at it thinking "I probably should put a plastic cup in here, cause I would hate to break it" Well today I kncoked it right of the counter :( I have tried searching the image on Google with no luck. Maybe one of you folks out there can point me in the right direction I really would like to replace it. I am going to go to the local antigue mall and see if I can't find something there.


I have lost many things to my accident prone self, though I have gotten better about being careful through the years. I might need to pad my house so things will bounce and not break LOL

Anyway wishing you all a great day and thank you for visiting my blog and always for your great words :)


  1. Sorry about your mom's piece getting broken. So sad. Glad you found a fix for the high lighter accident. Love the stitching!

  2. I hate that the glass got broken.
    I am glad that you found a fix for your stitching!!

  3. I am so sorry your mom's glass got broken! I hope you can find a replacement. Wine is a wonderful thing until it makes us get sloppy. LoL I'm prone to the same thing.

  4. I hope you can find a replacement for your Mum's glass.

    Love your snowman. The buttons look perfect. Rudolph is so cute!

  5. So sorry for the accident. My piece was a square, pedestal candy dish that I always loved. It was in my childhood home, and last Christmas she gave it to me. While changing a lampshade I dropped the (heavy) finial on the lid and it shattered. Like you I searched and searched, and almost unexpectedly one search on Etsy.com led me to one exactly like it! Keep looking!

  6. So sorry about your accident. I know I have done the same thing! Had a small dish from my childhood on the sink in the powder room for holding a small bar of soap...and yep....it wasn't my boys, but myself that knocked it off!
    Glad you found something to hide the highlighter!


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