Monday, April 14, 2014

Can you dig it......

in the dirt?? Today I spent the morning at a co-workers farm. My friend decided to become a homesteder. I give her much props, because it is not an easy job. I have been wanting to come out her way and visit her farm The Humble Farm Today was a perfect day. I was greeted by her gang of hens and a few roosters but the one that stole the show was her Rooster Hunch. I did not take any photos but Hunch is about as spoiled as they come. He wanted to be picked up all the time, while we were planting seeds he came up and pecked at us to let us know he was there. He is so very sweet. I hugged on him alot. If everyone could have a HUnch in their life things would be perfect :D

It was really very relaxing to be out there in the country digging in the dirt and enjoying the fresh air.

I have still yet to work on Gma Gerrys gift I need to go to my LNS and pick up fabric that will work with the project. Though I do have a piece of 32ct that I might try to use. My cousin shared a photo on FB of Gma Gerry and a quilt she made this week. 90 years old and still sewing... She is AWESOME!!!!


  1. I have NEVER heard of a rooster like Hunch, neat. Hooray for Grandma Gerry.

  2. Sounds like tons ó fun! Just don't take the time to dig in the dirt anymore, but used to love, love it. The fruits of the labors are so much more tasty!


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