Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring in the garden

I don't know about you but this time of year is my favorite. There is a warm breeze blowing, the soft humm of bees at work and loud croaks from the frogs. Those sounds set my heart a flutter. Last week I decided to put in some tomato plants, pepper plant, cucumber and plant some pole beans, everything is looking good and I can't wait for those fresh tomatoes to come in. Nothing is better that a tomato and mayo sandwich on fresh white bread. That screams summer to me :)

I have been working every night on my Grandmas birthday present. Once I am finished stitching it I hope to make it into a small hanging pillow, something she can hang in her room. She is living in a assisted living facility. I talked to my Aunt yesterday and she told me that Grama is now taking her meals in the cafeteria and going to church services on Sundays. She is worried about her hummingbirds though. She said "now who is going to feed them" She is just so sweet. And she is VERY excited about her birthday party.

She was a quilter and when she moved into this place she could not take her quilting things with her , plus it is hard for her to see now. So she donated everything to her church. Well the youth group and some of the elders took some tracings she had done and made a quit from her fabric. They are going to raffle it off to help raise money for a church members medical bills that insurance would not cover. I am blessed to have this lady in my life.

Here is the stitched piece I am working on for her. I am using Lakeside Linen 40ct vintage navy bean The design comes from Prairie Schooler ~ Farm Fresh. There is a section of grass to be stitched near the bottom, I think I am going to add a couple chicks to that area since she use to have a few of her own.

It is Friday and that means the weekend! I work tonight and tomorrow but Sunday it is going to be a beautiful 85 degrees and I will be at my friends farm helping her out with an event she is hosting. I hope to take many photos of her precious animals and wonderful gardens. So until next time my friends thank you for dropping by I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. Many blessings to you this weekend!


  1. What a sweet present you are making her.

  2. What a lovely post Natasha! I too feel like that when I am out in the garden. I think there's something about tending to growing things that nurture our hearts as well.

    That's a cute bunny you are making for your Grandma. She sounds like a wonderful lady.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I think your Grandma will love that adorable bunny! Lovely post. Hope you enjoy some gardening time. I hope to get some stitching time in. I went to SBTB at Mary's the other day...totally miss hanging and chatting to you on those days the most. *hugs*

  4. What a lovely gift for your grandmother!

  5. Love the bunny you're making for your grandma!

  6. Your grandmother will love that little bunny you're stitching for her, Natasha... Enjoy your day at the farm on Sunday--sounds like a perfect way to spend your day :)

  7. Your stitching is just lovely. I hope your Grandma has a wonderful birthday. x


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