Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello is this thing on????

Well hello friends, though I have not been blogging I still have been busy as a bee. Since it has been almost 1 whole month I will start off will a small post and give a longer one next time. Things here in South Carolina have been busy and HOTTTTT there is a reason why Columbia,Sc chose the nick name famously hot. 98 degrees with alot of humidity UGH something this West Coast girl is not use to. But thankfully the lake is near by if you can't beat the heat just jump on in.

Yesterday I was checking my tomato plants and on my Purple Tomatillo look what I found....

Is this not the strangest thing ever. It is a Hornworm and will devore tomato plants. So while I am glad I found him I was sad to have to take him away from his feeding grounds.... I told him I was sorry before I started plucking him off. Sucker was strong LOL

Today I drove to the next town over, they have some great antique shops. While though I did not buy anything I did snap a photo of these barn Swallows. There were about 4 nests total and this little chick was begging for it's Mama to come feed him.

I hope everyone is stitching their hearts out this summer. What fun charts have you bought? A girl is always looking to be enabled :D

Have a fantastic night and take care!!!


  1. So much wildlife! I could do without that worm. Eww! But the baby bird is cute!

  2. I love to watch the little birds being fed by their parents. And when they try and take their first flights. Always cute.

  3. That is some funky bug! I think I like the baby birds better! ;-)


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