Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thank you to all that commented and also those that left comments to enter the drawing. I let random number generator do the picking. I will post the winner at the end of this blog post.

How was everyones 4th weekend? I sure do hope everyone had an enjoyable time celebrating the Independance of this great nation. I had one heck of a week. My work closed for 8 days which gives all of us time to take vactactions. I spent the first half of my vaction at home spending time with my husband, getting sun and enjoying the lake.

The other half was spent at my family reunion. Every year my Dads sister hosts a reunion at her house. And let me tell ya it is a full house :) They have 11 brothers and sisters, plus all their chidren and their childrens children. Before my Dads mother passed away she asked that the reunions be continued and my Aunt has done a fine job. It is alot of work getting a party ready for 80+ people. I admire her so much, really all my Aunts and Uncles. They are just the sweetest people I know. We always have such a great time catching up, laughing till we cry, telling stories and just being with one another. It it something I look forward to every year but sadly it always passes to quickly.

Saturday morning when I woke this is the view I was greeted with.
Southwest Virginia is home to me even though I was not born there. Gives me such a peaceful feeling.

While I was there I did have a small window to stitch. This is To The Beach by Cathy from Hands On Design
It was a special release for PALS last year. I changed the word "thee" to "Me" I am thinking of making a zippered bag and puting it on that. Well who am I kidding I am thinking of having Faye make me a zippered bag LOL

When I got home from Virgina I was greeted by my In laws they will be here till Friday so the fun continues. Which is why I am a day late in posting the wimmer of the Cinnamon Hearts chart. So the winner is.............. Fog City Dweller Valerie I will emailing you shortly :)

I thank you all again for the kind comments. I enjoy reading your posts. I hope you have a wonderful evening.
((HUGS)) to you all!!!!


  1. What a cute little project! Congratulations to Valerie!! I can't imagine hosting a group of 80+ people!She is one very brave lady!

  2. Congratulations to Valerie! It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the reunion, although it sounds pretty busy with all those relatives! Lovely stitching too.
    Best wishes.

  3. Love that view! My husband is going to a reunion this weekend in the upper east Tn area. They also go over into Virginia.

  4. We just had our family reunion. It was great also. That is quite the undertaking for one household! We hold ours at parks.

  5. Love the finish. And wow, such a big family reunion! I'm impressed! Sounds like fun!

  6. Yay!! Thanks Natasha! I am hoping my stitching mojo returns...it's gotten discouraged. Sounds like you had a good week off and family reunion. A party for 80 ppl is huge! Love your new finish...perfect for the summer and upcoming PALS for you! The 4th was nice...I went to Marshall for oysters and crab and to a party to see fireworks. Saturday was the Fillmore Festival. Awesome weekend! :)

  7. Beautiful view! Congrats to Valerie! So happy to hear you had a great time with all of your family.
    love Annette


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