Monday, September 22, 2014

paper ort boxes

I have spent a good part of my evening making these
Paper ort boxes. Picked up some scrapbook paper today and went to town, they are so easy to make. Hopefully I can crank out another 16 tonight.

I attended a local EGA stitching get together and they were making them for an upcoming meeting. I am thinking about joining the chapter even though it really is on the other side of town for me. But it is so nice to stitch with others

I have also made some progress on Quaker Reindeer by The Workbasket

Almost finished with it. I am enjoying this design

Next blog post I will list my top 5 2014 JCS ornaments

Take care and stitch on!!!!


  1. Cute boxes and a great start on the reindeer!

  2. Love all your boxes and your reindeer is looking really sweet too.

  3. Oh how cool! I look forward to your top 5!

  4. Great boxes Natasha! I just did the same thing and signed up for EGA. It's not convenient but the ladies are fun. I'll tell you about it in email. Great start on your christmasy reindeer. :)

  5. What fun! Love the boxes! If you can make it to the meetings, I bet it would be worthwhile to join. I miss stitching with others. Love your reindeer so far!

  6. Do you share the how-to's of your paper boxes? Love to make a few

  7. Very cute, Natasha! Good luck with the remaining 16!! I love the red reindeer WIP, too :)

  8. Love the red you're using for your reindeer.

    Love those boxes!

  9. The paper ort boxes are pretty cool! Lovely progress on your reindeer! Still have yet to get the new JCS mag. Can't seem to find it anywhere and I don't really want to order it. Looking forward to seeing your fav 5!


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