Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Keep me away from sharp objects!!!

Why oh why am I so clumsy? Me and sharp objects just do not mix! And right before I am to go on a stitching retreat next weekend, this happens.

Last night while there was a commercial during the baseball game I went into the sewing room to cut some fabric for a stitched piece I am finishing. Well insted of cutting the fabric I rolled that rotary cutter right over my thumb, almost nearly cut the whole tip off!! It is a deep cut but hubby and I looked at it this morning and we decided that it is not deep enough to need stitches. Two months ago I got bit by my blind dog whose thought he was attacking the nieghbors dog but in reality he was attacking the air and when I went to pick him up he got my wrist, that also did not get stitches, though I did get a tetanus shot.

I have two pieces that I need to finish before next Wednesday and I am hoping that this heals quickly so I can get that work done. So for now there will no stitching. I guess I can use this time to KIT up some projects to take with me to the retreat. My husband has insited that I am no longer allowed to use sharp objects after 8p.m LOL Probably best :)

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy. I will update everyone about my finger the next few days....

Take care and happy stitching :)


  1. Oh my, poor you. I hope that your thumb will be healing fast so that you can prepare your stitching for the retreat.

  2. ugh. I feel faint thinking about that. Are you sure you do not need stitches? You take care.

  3. Oh no! Your poor thumb! At least you can still stitch with your right hand. Hope it heals fast!

  4. I do hope your thumb heals quickly.


  5. Oh my gosh! Hope the thumb heals quickly. I'm shuddering....

  6. Oh, that makes me queasy just looking at it, Natasha. I do hope it heals quickly!!


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