Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ready to Welcome 2015

I surley am ready to welcome in this New Year tonight. I have my Carnitas marinating in the fridge for dinner tomorrow, I am doing my last load of laundry for 2014 and just finished scrubbing the floors. Every year I make at least one New Years resolution to many, last year it was to stitch an ornament a month and finish ALL the WIP's in my basket among other things that I have forgot what they were.Neither of those things happened so this year I am going to keep it simple and make NO resolutions.

I thought I would sahre with you a few photos from this past year.

Watching my Giants win the World Series AWESOME!!

Rainbow and Twilight up to no good at the PALS retreat in Myrtle Beach

Yearly tradition of making filled noodles with my husbands Aunts. Loved every minute of making them but even better when we finally got to eat them :)

Sweet ornaments from dear friends

And our babies enjoying a sunset boat ride.

This year was very sad with the loss of our sweet sweet Samson. But 2015 will be a brighter year with many finishes :)

I have to pick a design to stitch tonight while I ring in the new year, what will you be stitching tonight??

Have a happy, heatlhy and peacefull New Year
Love and happiness

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A blessed 13 years it was. **Pretty long and picture heavy**

"And I'll take with me the memories To be my sunshine after the rain"

Today as we woke up at 5:30 a.m we didn't get frustrated because we both knew it would be the last 5a.m wake up, it would be the last middle of the night water drinking induced potty break. For today was the day we were putting our sweet westie to rest.

We made this decision many many months ago, but it was me who was finally able to really let "go". So on Monday morning I called the vet and set the appointment. It was very short call. " okay 10:45 wednesday morning, sorry"

After that phone call my DH and I decided to make his last three days with us the best we could.Even though through out his life he lived a GREAT one. Samson had been blind for alittle over a year,and while he was fine in the house, when he got outside it was like walking in a maze. So Sunday we took him for a little car ride with the windows down even though it was around 35 degrees outside. We feed him leftover steak and a splash of sparkling wine on Monday. On Tuesday he got ice cream from Zestos along with some chicken. And on Wednesday morning when he woke we gave him all his favorite duck treats.

Knowing that your pet is GOING to die sucks, because you have MANY days with him which is wonderful but so heartbreaking at the same time. He had become very ill after being bit by what we think was a snake over a year ago. He then became dibetic, lost his eye sight and just slowly went downhill. we had three days to reflect on the wonderful dog he was, all the while crying our eyes out and telling him he was special.

See we have had this little guy from his start. My Brother, his wife and I drove 3 1/2hours to some country town in the middle of Ohio to pick him out. He was the biggest in the bunch, though my husband could not make it with us he had told me before we left, make sure we get a girl. LOL well obviously that did not happen. There were 4 dogs in the litter all bigger than the next, as we were sitting there watching them all here comes this brut of a dog sliding into the food bowls and knocking all his litter mates out of the way. My brother looked at me and said "that's the one, he seems like a clown"

And yes he was. He was always the life of the party, never afraid and always up for some kisses be it human or canine as seen here :D

He was always curious and LOVED the snow but in order to go potty we had to clear a patch away to reveal grass, imagine doing this in a 6' snow storm in Colorado LOL But we did it because after all we loved him. And he would not go unless we did it LOL

He had a special blanket that he stole off the back of the couch as a puppy, he slept with blanket, he sucked on that blanket like it was his pacifier and he went to doggie heaven wrapped in the warmth of this blanket while in my arms. I am so blessed to have had this special dog in our lives. He taught me patience, love and how to enjoy life. He was ours and we loved him.
Samson may you know no pain and have endless beaches to walk and mounds of snow to frolic in. We love you little dude.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Snowflakes are Kisses from Heaven

Good Morning dear friends,
I told you on my last post I would be back with a photo of what I am stitching. This is January Snowdrop by Cottage Garden Samplings. I was gifted this chart along with the Febuary Chart last year from blogger Linda Such is Life. She sweetley sent me both after she had stitched them. THANK YOU!!

I started it Sunday evening after we put up our Christmas tree. As I sat there looking at the tree with all the ornaments that bring me joy I kept repeating the saying on this chart in my head. "Snowflakes are kisses from heaven" It made me think of my Mom, instantly. She loved Christmas. The joy she had while baking and decorating was felt in everything she did. So I decided to dedicate this piece to her, so I have added her intials and her date of birth.

Sadly she left this world in 2004 and it is during this time that I miss her the most. But when I put the tree up and bake her favorite cookies I can feel she is still with me in the spirit, for that shall always live on.

I am using a piece of 28ct even weave I found in my fabric drawer, it is sponged. You can't tell very well in the picture but it has a pretty light pink under tone to it. I also am using DMC.

What else has been taking up my time these days?? Baby blankets. Here is the latest one I have made. This is for my cousins little boy he is just a month old and his daddy is a Georgia fan so she asked me to do GA colors. Hopefully next week I can drive down to Charleston and drop this off to her and meet that precious baby of hers :) I am in need of baby snuggles.

Well folks there you have it. I do believe this is the longest post I have made in months Woohoo! Wishing all of you a great day.