Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a change sometimes sets people on edge.......

I have always been a conscious eater. I was always aware of where my food came from.At 13 after a year of feeding my cousins hog Wilbur I was eating dinner one night and asked where he was... I got a shock when my Uncle said "well Honey he is on you're plate" I knew it was bound to happen but was sad to know that the sweat Hog was sacrificed for my pleasure, As a conscious eater now I am aware of where my food comes from. My eggs are farmed 20 miles away by a dear friend and her feathered friends at Humble Farms in Gilbert ,SC I work in the restaurants world and we serve meat. We get our meat from small farmers who value their animals lives and even though they sell their cattle and hogs to small restaurants they still care about how they are raised till the end.

But that brings me to this point of setting people on edge. I was raised on a Midwestern diet of Meat, Potatoes and some veggies. Over the years I have noticed a change in my self I crave veggies over meat. I dislike cooking bacon although I do love biscuts and gravy. I am not a huge steak eater and while I do enjoy fried chicken I could live without it. So it comes to this. Come Feb 1st I am giving up meat and not only meat but dairy too...I will stil have the random egg only because I know where that happy egg comes from. YUP full VEGAN-ISH here. I have seen the looks from those I tell and their face says it all Ewwwww... Someone asked me "why are you doing this" My response is of course it is a personal reason but also my body deserves to be happy. And I believe a plant based diet is the best for me. So wish me luck on this new adventure of mine. It is amazing the wonderful meat free dishes that are out there. I will hopefully give updates once a week of my progress.

Yesterday I meet coworkers at a local Vegan place only one of two in the Columbia area... It was really amazing even my husband liked the Kung Pao "Cick-N" and that is coming from a meat and potatoes guy Hhahahah He said he would have it again. The Collard Greens were out of this world unlike any I have had. I could have eaten a whole pot. I suggest ya'll try it out if ever in the Columbia,SC area.

Other than the amazing food I also received a lovely Birthday present. I will share a photo tomorrow. It is super sweet :)

Wishing you all a great night. Happy stitching!!


  1. I applaud you for making changes that you feel are best for you. I'm sure you won't have any trouble adjusting if it's something you really want to do. You go, girl!!!

  2. I reduced the amount of meat I eat several years ago. It makes my husband "on edge". He and my three kids are very meat, potatoes and veg. I have never missed it. I feel nauseous from some meat smells. We do have at least two meat free suppers a week. I do not announce it as such, it just is served and everyone is fine with it truly.

  3. Best wishes to you on your upcoming change in eating lifestyle.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. I wish you luck in your new eating plan, Natasha. I know I couldn't do it as I don't like green vegetables at all!! I don't eat much red meat, but do eat a lot of chicken... What I need to work on is cutting down my sugar intake!

  5. Good luck on your life change.

  6. Good Luck! I wish you only the best :) I couldn't do it, but I applaud anyone willing to change their life for the sake of their body and spirit. I need to cut sugar and am working on it valiantly but still not perfectly....

  7. Good Luck Tash! Full vegan...I couldn't do it. I need my chicken, eggs and bacon but you can do it! Happy belated Birthday! I've been sick the last few days and don't even know what day it is! I hope it was great!


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