Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One not done??

First let me give a big WooHoo to the 2015 National Champions Ohio Sate. Some said you couldn't do it. But against adversity you pulled off a victorious win against a tough team with your 3rd string QB!!! Way to Go Buckeyes :D

On to the title of my post. They say once you get one you are hooked and usually you'll get another. This could be cross stitch collecting, maybe dog or cat collecting haha but I am referring to tattoos. I went yesterday and got my very first tattoo. I have been wanting one for many years but once Samson passed away I knew what I wanted. And I called my friends tattoo artist right away so I didn't back out.

I won't lie and say it did not hurt, but it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, it was uncomfortable more than anything. I was actually alittle sad when it was over. Which both my friend and the tattoo artist found funny. My husband was shocked when I came home because this was originally going to be alot smaller and just a heart with a paw in the center but the design he drew up was actually better than what I had originally wanted. Will I get another one like everyone says happens. I don't know. In my mind I have many drawings and ideas but I think I am happy with just this one...... for now :)

I am working on another stitched memorial piece for a friend, her boyfriend lost his best friend in an ATV accident so I am stitching that January's Snowdrop chart again for the boys Mother. Here is a snap of the progress so far. I am not to sure about the yellow it looks alittle washed out with the darker colors so I think I will finish the boarder and use the blue throughout the entire wording. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on the last post.
Valerie, I use a marker and write the numbers on the bobbins, never have to worry about stickers anymore :)

Dee Holly I am sorry for the loss of your sister, I hate the C word!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Day


  1. I love your tattoo! It is beautiful. I got one just over a year ago and am yet to have another. I sometimes think I'd like another but the cost puts me off!

    Beautiful memory piece.

  2. Great tattoo!! I need to figure out who I will use for my tattoo. 40 is coming up quick!

    I think the yellow is too light and doesn't show up well. How about a lighter blue than the navy.

    Do you use plastic bobbins? Mine are plastic. I didn't think the sharpie would work but maybe I will try it. :)

  3. What a beautiful tattoo - the meaning is so special. You're so sweet to be stitching another memorial piece; you're a really thoughtful lady

  4. Beautiful tattoo. I have 6. Lovely stitching.


  5. What a lovely way to remember Samson. I had one tattoo and then went back for another - have stopped there though.

    How about using another shade of blue in place of the yellow?

  6. I think the yellow is too light. If you want to keep the yellow, you could go with a darker one. What a lovely tribute to Samson.

    Robin in Virginia

  7. Beautiful tattoo! I want one so bad but I'm too chicken. I really love this one though. Such a beautiful tribute. I agree with you about the yellow being too light.

  8. Ohhhh the tatt is PERFECT!!!! And coming from someone that has a partial sleeve... And several others... They are addictive... Very! The pain is well worth it!

  9. I love your tattoo! Bravo! I'd never be able to get one... had too many needles stuck in my arm when I was pregnant with my twins. UGH...I get the sweats just thinking about shots or blood draws, etc. And its even funnier when I work in a hospital lab and have to draw blood from time to time! HA HA!

  10. If you're going to get a tattoo, I'd say this is a good time for one. It's wonderful!

  11. Spent some time going through a few of your posts, trying to catch up. I'm so sorry about the loss of your furbaby...they are such big parts of our lives. The tattoo is a perfect remembrance.

  12. It broke my heart when the Buckeyes defeated my beloved Crimson Tide, but I was happy that OSU won the national title over the ducks.

    Oh, I am crying reading this post…..what a sweet tribute to your little Westie angel! So, so sweet….

    Ricki Jill


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