Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunny days are the best

I grew up in Northern Ohio, Cleveland where we are use to lake effect snow, cold snowy Aprils and gray skies as far as the eyes could see. Where the annual amount of sunshine is 163 days and the amount of sun Cleveland gets is 49% But when I moved to California and even in Denver I got spoiled by endless days of sunshine. Did you know that the Denver area averages 245 days of sunshine a year... I mean come on yes please!!!!And Palo Alto,Ca where we lived before moving to our current state had 261 days of sunshine on average. Amazing place to enjoy the outdoors.

Where we live now
Amount of Sun
Columbia,SC 64% of sun with 218 days of total sun. Not to shabby. But like I said I have been spoiled. It has been MANY years since I have been in temps below 40. The last few weeks here have been so cold that todays sunshine was such a welcomed sight. I got to wear a light jacket and took this sweet girl for a nice long walk at the park
It is really amazing how sunshine can make people so cheerful. Today was so wonderful.

Usually we just take walks down our street to go visit the local farm animals, a whole mess of goats.

This guy is in relations with the friendliest lady goat ever.she comes running when she sees me coming usually it is because I come with food :) She "talks" to me as she runs and then greets me with licks.

Living in a city environment was wonderful everything was always so convient but living further out from the city is great. At night you can see the stars and hear the crickets. There is a peacefulness that washes over you when you come home to the "country"

I want to thank you all again for the comments left on the last post. The tattoo is healing nicely and I am already thinking about the next one. Will I go through with it? maybe maybe not but I have some ideas in case.

I have signed up to volunteer at a local animal Shelter PawMettoLifeLine I am really excited. I have an orientation soon and then I will be a full fledged volunteer.Makes my heart happy.

I am still working on the memorial piece and I did change the colors I changed out that yellow for a lighter blue. Looks great I will share a photo on the next post.

Wishing you all a wonderful night and to my SeaHawk friends. Congratulations. Even though I was pulling for Green Bay. It was a tough win for the "HAWKS" Now I just want the Colts to win :)


  1. I love the Palo Alto area -- would love to live there someday -- except for the fear I have of earthquakes. The weather has been weird, hasn't it? So cold down by you is very strange indeed!

  2. Definitely a strange winter this far. I so agree about the sun ~ we had such a long dreary Dec.

  3. You have lots more sunny days than we do that's for sure. The game gave this Seahawk fan a headache. Green Bay did so well, I felt a bit sad for them. Great competitors!

  4. Sorry that your football day didn't go your way, Natasha!

    Here in my part of E. Washington, we get about 300 days of sun each year, but still get enough gray days, especially in the winter, that we get excited when the sun comes out - like it did today! :D

  5. Your dog is so very sweet.
    What a game. We were all stressed out and now feel borderline depressed. ;) The Pack did very well.

  6. I'm wired weird I love rainy days. But the sun is nice. Since our main furnace quit working I'm really glad it warmed up a bit for us here in Indiana.

  7. Cheer up, Natasha--at least you don't live in Pittsburgh where we have more cloudy days than most of the U.S.: We're #17 on this list :(

    My oldest son just got back from a business trip to Denver and just raved about the sunshine. He's ready to move out there (and I'm about ready to move somewhere sunnier, myself!)


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