Saturday, February 7, 2015

Finally it's the weekend

WooHoo what a week it has been. It was a rough night at work and I am SO happy it is over. I am writting this blog post at 12:45 a.m wondering how I am keeping my eyes open.... I am so thrilled to have the next three days off!

I plan on stitching on some WIPs that I have neglected. I finished this piece
last night, now I just need to sew it into something special for that boys Mother.

The top photo is done in blues and deep reds. The bottom photo is reds and pale pinks. I love how they look so different. This design was alot of fun to work with.

Tomorrow our boss is having a Christmas party for us. We had to wait till after the busy season was over which is why it is in Feb. We are going paintballing..... I have never been before and I am pretty excited but also nervouse because I am not looking forward to getting pellted with high speed paint balls LOL.It should be a great time.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and Many hours of creative crafting!

Take Care


  1. Good for you! They are both done. :)
    Where extra layers of clothes for paintballing. My sons have done it a handful of times. When they wear layers, it does not sting, and no welts!

  2. Paintball?! Wow! My son was a paintball enthusiast in his younger days. I never had any desire to join him. lol! Hope you have fun -- I bet you will! Love seeing the two pieces together. It really is amazing to see the differences between the two. Color matters!

  3. Gorgeous finishes in both colours. Hope you enjoy the paintballing!

  4. Beautiful pieces. I agree with you I love the difference in the colors. Have fun going paintball.

  5. Congrats on the cute finishes Natasha.


  6. Your finishes are both darling, Natasha--it is interesting to see the different color palettes! Paintballing? Wow! I hope you had a great time and aren't too sore today :)

  7. Great finishes Natasha! You have to move fast with paintball. Hope you don't get too bruised up. It hurts when you get hit with one unless you wore enough layers for padding!


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