Tuesday, February 17, 2015

it's not for everyone.....

Hello dear friends.... It has been a minute since I have posted on my blog. I am still here and still kicking. I am hoping ya'll are well and for those of you up North I hope you are staying warm Brrrr what a winter ya'll are having.

We are having quit a winter down here temp wise.... I will admit I am getting a bit cranky and I am SOOOOO ready for spring/summer and I don't even care if it is super hot. As long as we are spared Snow on Saturday I am cool :)

Since I last posted I took a run at paintballl or rather the paintballs took a run at me LOL. WOW I still have some bruises.. OUCH!!! But it was a ton of fun. I have also been on my no meat lifestyle for almost three weeks. It is so crazy to think that three weeks have gone by. I did have a burger with my hubby last week and I will say I felt ill after. I am not going to get on a soap box tonight and preach about my new ways but I will say I am amazed at my level of energy and the way I feel!! I have cut out cheese, meat and dairy, except for the splash of cream I have in my coffee in the morning. I do not miss anything from my old ways. Now my Hubby is a meat eater and while I HATE cooking meat... I always have, I still do, but twice a week I make a meal he can eat that is meat free. Lentils are always a good choice, and he is not opposed to tofu, so kung poa tofu is a menu favorite.....

It is not easy but what is??? It is easy to reach for some over processed chemical filled meal that is for sure. I would rather take the extra time to make a meal with items I can pronounce!

And not to forget I still am stitching here is the progress on my current BBD piece, Secret Garden. Enjoying it so much.

Thank you all for visiting my blog. I hope you find joy in my posts!
Take Care


  1. Glad not eating meat is going well. I don't eat a lot but don't know if I could give it up completely. Kudos to you!! Your stitching looks really good. Hope you start getting some warm weather soon.

  2. Good for you on the new diet. I could probably manage the no meat part -- but I'd miss cheese.

  3. Your Blackbird WIP looks good. I am sorry you still have bruises from your paintball adventure; hope they are less painful each passing day.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. I wish you lots of luck on your change of lifestyle. Love your stitching.

  5. I make at least one meal that is meat free for the 5 of us every week. My husband and I give up all meat and all dairy for Orthodox Lent and for the Advent fast every year.

  6. Good luck with your new lifestyle. It's difficult to change things up sometimes. Your stitching looks awesome.


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