Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring

Hello dear friends, I hope whereever you are you are enjoying your day. Today the sun is shining and it is a perfect 60 degrees. Spring is being welcomed with open arms here :)

Two weeks ago I started volunteering at one of the many no-kill rescue centers here in town. I took my Canine care class two weeks ago and then the feline care class. Well last Wednesday I was able to spend some time with these sweethearts. The Petsmart partners up with the rescue centers here and they usually house 5-9 cats in their adoption room. So I went early that morning to feed, water, clean the "condos" and most importantly give some love to these sweet cats that are up for adoption. All were very, very sweet. But these two captured my heart.

This sweet boy is very quiet. Takes him some time before he will open up to you and does not like loud noises. But after just a few minutes he was almost putty in my hands. He even rolled over so I could rub on his belly. I know he will get adopted soon. Maybe by me :D

Brendan a.k.a Bubba

And this girl... Just as sweet as she can be. She is the smallest cat there, probably only about 8lbs she is about 1 1/2yrs old. Loves, loves your lap and just wanted to be loved on the whole time. I could see her fitting right into our home, if only Licorice our 9yr old dog would be good to her.
Miss Anna

I am seriously trying to convince my husband that one of these babies needs to come home to us, but he is not buying what I'm selling LOL Oh well I will continue to work on him and in the mean time give love to all the pets that need homes.

Stitching time has been limited since I am working this week/weekend but I will soon have a few days off to kick my feet up and get some work done on these WIPs that are lingering.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.
Much Love!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Drum roll.... we have a winner

6 people entered my Spring~Fling~Giveaway. I put pieces of paper in a bucket and had the Hubby pull one out.Linda from Stitching with my furbabies was the lucky one. I will be in contact with Linda soon.

Thank you all for entering. Makes me smile knowing there are those that still read blogs :)

Wishing you all a great evening.
Happy Stitching

Saturday, March 14, 2015


You know what that means don't you??? Stands for Stash Enhancement eXperience. You've been stash shopping. And that is what I did today. It was not a huge amount but I got the fabric and floss to stitch this beauty. Blessings Be Thine by Blackbird Design. The fabric called for is 30ct R&R but the shop was out of it, which was okay by me I find R7R to be to stiff for my taste. But I did find this very pretty pale yellowish/vanilla 40ct from lakeside Linens I believe the color is Luna. I am probably going to kick myself for going with 40ct but I will suffer through it for the craft LOL
I can't wait to start this.

It was such a fun day today. I hardly ever have a saturday off. But I knew that a dear friend was having a GTG at her house just about 1 1/2 hours north of me. SO I requested off and got to spend some time browsing The Stitch and Frame a lovely shop in Rock Hill,Sc. It was my first time there. WOW!! They have the most beautiful shop models on their walls. I was just in awe. And even if I had not bought anything I would have enjoyed it.

Next we headed to sweet Bonnie's house. I have only meet her once prior to today and I tell ya she is the sweetest, It was a fairly large group 12+ of us laughing and having a good time. I am not sure how most of them stitched, I was to busy eating or talking :)

It really lights a fire under you when you are with fellow friends who share your same intrest. It makes me want to stitch up a storm this week. Ohhhh AND I Learned how to stitch the sewing method. Up until today I stitched normal. Stab and stick I guess is what you would call it. But someone showed me the sewing method so now hopefully I can become a faster stitcher :)

Be on the lookout for the winner of the drawing tommorrow. I am shocked only 4 people entered the the Spring Fling Giveaway if you want to enter you still have time. I will pick a name tomorrow night.

Wishing ya'll a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring ~ Fling ~ Giveaway

Nancy at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having a Spring Fling Give-A-Way with lots of wonderful gifts. Stop by to see all of her beautiful trims, fabrics and floss. She is trully a talented, sweet and generous lady. Even with her sickess she still wants to bring a smile to others.

And why not have my own giveaway? Leave a comment on this blog post, and become a follower if you are not already. I will enter your name and draw one on March 15th. A spring related surprise, I just happen to be going to Stitch and Frame this Saturday for some stash enhancement so who knows what I will bring back :D

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunshine and stitching

Hello from sunny South Carolina.

Now this is the weather I am use to!! Sunny and 72... PERFECT!!! For us here in the South this winter seemed to drag on and was very cold. Us here in the south are not use to the same cold temps as our neighbors up north. So when we learned it was going to be 72 and plentiful sunshine we took advantage of that. It has been ages since we have been able to go out on the water and I think every fisherman/boater around here had the same thought. It was the perfect calm, sunny day for a boat ride and to soak in some vitamin D.

Here is our sweet Licorice enjoying the sun..she can only take it in small doses so we have a nice shady spot with fresh cold water for her to retreat to.

Ain't she precious?? I think she still wonders where her brother Samson is, but I think she has adjusted well. We are talking about possibly getting another pup but my hubby is still on the fence about that idea. In the meantime I have started to volunteer at the animal rescue center near by. I went last week for my training. So many wonderful dogs and cats that I can't wait to find homes for. I am really excited to share my time with such a wonderful organization

I have been making some progress on my current Blackbird Design piece Secret Garden. I am going to a stitching get together this weekend and I hope to make some reall progress on it if I can focous. There is usually to much good food and laughing for me to ever get any stitching done LOL

I am really enjoying this one, but then again I love all of their designs :) I hope this day finds you all happy, healthy and stitching!!!

Take care friends!!