Saturday, March 14, 2015


You know what that means don't you??? Stands for Stash Enhancement eXperience. You've been stash shopping. And that is what I did today. It was not a huge amount but I got the fabric and floss to stitch this beauty. Blessings Be Thine by Blackbird Design. The fabric called for is 30ct R&R but the shop was out of it, which was okay by me I find R7R to be to stiff for my taste. But I did find this very pretty pale yellowish/vanilla 40ct from lakeside Linens I believe the color is Luna. I am probably going to kick myself for going with 40ct but I will suffer through it for the craft LOL
I can't wait to start this.

It was such a fun day today. I hardly ever have a saturday off. But I knew that a dear friend was having a GTG at her house just about 1 1/2 hours north of me. SO I requested off and got to spend some time browsing The Stitch and Frame a lovely shop in Rock Hill,Sc. It was my first time there. WOW!! They have the most beautiful shop models on their walls. I was just in awe. And even if I had not bought anything I would have enjoyed it.

Next we headed to sweet Bonnie's house. I have only meet her once prior to today and I tell ya she is the sweetest, It was a fairly large group 12+ of us laughing and having a good time. I am not sure how most of them stitched, I was to busy eating or talking :)

It really lights a fire under you when you are with fellow friends who share your same intrest. It makes me want to stitch up a storm this week. Ohhhh AND I Learned how to stitch the sewing method. Up until today I stitched normal. Stab and stick I guess is what you would call it. But someone showed me the sewing method so now hopefully I can become a faster stitcher :)

Be on the lookout for the winner of the drawing tommorrow. I am shocked only 4 people entered the the Spring Fling Giveaway if you want to enter you still have time. I will pick a name tomorrow night.

Wishing ya'll a wonderful weekend!!


  1. What a fantastic new project.
    I stick and stab. ;)

  2. Lovely new stash Natasha.


  3. Lovely stash! Beautiful floss colours. I am self-taught and always used the stabbing method. I thought it was considered neater but I would be interested to know if you can tell the difference!

  4. Love the new stash! It took me a while to adjust from stick and stab to sewing. The stitches came out looking different at first. But I adjusted pretty quickly and I will never go back!

  5. Great new projects. Glad you had fun. I always love getting together with people to stitch. Love the motivation.


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