Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunshine and stitching

Hello from sunny South Carolina.

Now this is the weather I am use to!! Sunny and 72... PERFECT!!! For us here in the South this winter seemed to drag on and was very cold. Us here in the south are not use to the same cold temps as our neighbors up north. So when we learned it was going to be 72 and plentiful sunshine we took advantage of that. It has been ages since we have been able to go out on the water and I think every fisherman/boater around here had the same thought. It was the perfect calm, sunny day for a boat ride and to soak in some vitamin D.

Here is our sweet Licorice enjoying the sun..she can only take it in small doses so we have a nice shady spot with fresh cold water for her to retreat to.

Ain't she precious?? I think she still wonders where her brother Samson is, but I think she has adjusted well. We are talking about possibly getting another pup but my hubby is still on the fence about that idea. In the meantime I have started to volunteer at the animal rescue center near by. I went last week for my training. So many wonderful dogs and cats that I can't wait to find homes for. I am really excited to share my time with such a wonderful organization

I have been making some progress on my current Blackbird Design piece Secret Garden. I am going to a stitching get together this weekend and I hope to make some reall progress on it if I can focous. There is usually to much good food and laughing for me to ever get any stitching done LOL

I am really enjoying this one, but then again I love all of their designs :) I hope this day finds you all happy, healthy and stitching!!!

Take care friends!!


  1. Licorice is precious!
    Have a great time at the get together.

  2. Hooray for such nice temps and sunshine! I'm envious! Licorice is so cute! Love the stitching too!

  3. Too cute! Glad it finally warmed up. It warmed up for here too but low 50's is warm for us right now haha. We have been feeling the same way. We would like a 2nd dog but what a decision.

  4. 72 and sunny--sounds like heaven!! I am just happy because we are up above freezing today and the sun is shining :)

    Licorice is so cute and good for you for volunteering at the animal rescue center--I'll bet anything, you'll be finding a cute new pup there to take home with you!!


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