Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New stitching stand....

Greetings friends,
I recently went to visit a stitching friend last week whose husband had been in the Hospital. He is a master at making beautiful things out of wood and a few months ago I asked him to make my a stand for stitching. I have a Z-Lap stand but it only clamps on one side and my frames always sag and ending my thread on the back is a pain. This stand is the BEST....

Those dowels keep the frame on the arms for stitching and when I am ready to run my thread through the back I just flip it over, SO EASY

Next photo is a finish. Oh yeah ever once in awhile I have one of those LOL This is for my cousins wedding. I just have to decide if I am going to frame it or make it into a pillow.

The orignal border called for a backstitch border but I wanted to have fun and do some eyelets because they are my fav. I am super happy with how it turned out and it stitched up fairly quick.

Tonight ends my three day weekedn Boo!! I have to head back to work tomorrow but before that I go volunteer with the cats. I have been trying to convince DH that we need a cat in our life. He is not, nor has ever been a cat person, he grew up with dogs and I the opposit, but I think I might have him on board. I found a rescue place that will allow me to take the cat home for the day, I know that my dog will need more than one day to adjust but I think it is a great idea. And while I would like to adopt an older cat I think a kitten would fit better. Though DH says he still wants a dog. I don't know if I can do that. after the loss of Sam it was just to hard. I still think of him often and cry a bit....

I am not rushing anything if we get a cat great if we don't well I am still getting a cat LOL J/K

I wish everyone a great rest of the week make those stitches count and those memories matter ((HUGS))


  1. I have a Z lap stand and LOVE it. I am glad you have the perfect stand created for you.

  2. Love your stand! My husband was the same as yours. He was a dog guy. We had both at our house growing up, but I've always been partial to cats. We have two cats and he does a lot to help take care of them. He even lets the one he likes the best sit on his lap in the evening with him. He secretly loves him ;)
    Ours were both from the Humane Society. One was an adult the other was a kitten. I always feel that our older one knew that he was abandoned and he is very affectionate because of it. The kitten (now a big man cat) is arrogant and I always say: he was too young to know that his life was in the balance and we saved him! HA ;)

  3. Congrats on the cute finish Natasha.


  4. Enjoy that new stand, Natasha... I've never tried one because I tend to stitch in hand since I do mostly small pieces... Glad it has made your stitching process easier :)

    Your cousin will love the finish--looks very nice with the eyelet border...

    Hope you can get your husband to just try a cat. My husband ended up loving our cat for 14 years even though he was always a dog person... Ours was a very sociable cat--more like a dog in many ways. Good luck!

  5. Nice new stand! Very nice! Love the finish too. I think it will be a perfect wedding gift no matter how you decide to finish it.

  6. I hope you can get a cat. My husband has never been a cat person but we have a dog and a cat and he loves them both. It's great the see Sherlock (the cat) sleeping on his chest!!

  7. Congrats on the finish! I love the border you did. A lot more fancy than just a backstitch line.

  8. Awesome stand Natasha! I love it. Very nice of your friend's husband to make it for you. Pretty wedding sampler! Did you decide how to finish it?


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