Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm back and stitching up a storm

Hello Faithful followers. It has been awhile hasn't it?? I know I have been MIA for some months but I am back and hopefully blogging more on a regular basis :)

Over on Facebook there is a challenge going on where someone tags you to post a photo of your stitching for 7 days and you in turn tag someone else and they do the same. I took that challenge because I rarely if ever post my stitching on my face book. A lot of my non stitching friends probably don't even know that I stitch or do other crafts.... I have never been comfortable sharing on my personal Facebook page, I know silly, so I am trying to break out of that. I want to share my love for crafts and hopefully I can encourage some one else to start stitching

So this is my Day 1 photo. I am unsure of the designer or name of the chart. I stitched this about 6 years ago and I plan on taking it to get framed next month.

Another challenge I will try this year is to challenge myself to finish ALL my WIPs this year... YIKES!! That sounds scary already LOL I have a few that have been hanging around way to long and they really need to be finished.

So if you stick around you will be seeing a lot more posts with updates here soon. Stayed tuned for tomorrow when I present another stitched piece from my unfinished pile

Take care and happy stitching


  1. Adorable design and stitching Natasha.


  2. Cute! So glad you have not disappeared. That is a big goal you have set for yourself. Go for it!

  3. Too cute! I kind of did the same thing before. I didn't post about stitching on Facebook. Then I got to thinking about it if my friends on there are upset that I cross stitch they aren't friends I want to have anyway. So I post what I want to post. Enjoy your stitching!!

  4. Good luck with getting your WIPs finished! What a fun design you have stitched!


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