Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend finishing

It's Monday the Broncos the Super Bowl WooHoo and I have some finishes to share. For the first time in a long time I gave my sewing machine some attention. I did have some major issues with it though, I broke three, yes three needles. In all of the years 6, I have had this machine I have never broke a needle and then WHAM!!! I am taking her in next Monday to get serviced, I will admit that since I have had it don't ever remember taking her in to be serviced. So this is LONG overdue and I think once it's done it will be like a brand new machine.

Okay, back to my finishes. How many of you follow Vonna at Twisted Stitcher? I love her blog and she recently posted a youtube video tutorial on finishing a small pillow. I have finished many pillows in the past but she gave some tips that actually made my finished pillow look a lot better than in the past. She is very detailed which I like. I am much more a visual learner. I wish more people posted video tutorials.

Here is a partial view of what I finished. I can't show the entire finish as it is part of an exchange and even though my exchange partner does not read my blog you just never know.
It is from an older Praire Schooler chart. The buttons were my Mothers. I had fun stitching and finishing this one.

Next finish was a fabric box. I found a tutorial on this blog Seaside Stitches This was my first time sewing a fabric box. Gave me some fits but it's done, not perfect but done. Again buttons used were my Mothers :)

Lastly is one of my many current WIPs I have going. This is Quaker Garden by BlackBird Design. I was able to get a lot stitched on Saturday. I had someone work for me and I was able to attend a GTG at our local library. I am so glad I was able to attend, I had a ball. It always gets my stitching mojo flowing being with other stitchers.

This is being stitched on 32ct over 1 on an unknown fabric. I think the finished size is going to somewhere around 6 5/8 by 2 7/8 Have I mentioned how much I LOVE stitching over one :)

Well friends that is all I have for today. Thank you for taking the time reading my blog and leaving your sweet comments.


  1. Great finishes, Tasha! And your Quaker Garden is really coming along! Good for you on the over 1. It will turn out so delicate!

  2. Cute finishes and nice progress.


  3. Love the pillow! Too cute! Great job on the fabric box. I agree with you I LOVE over 1 stitching too.

  4. What great finishes - well done! I'll have to check out Vonna's video. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Oh, that Quaker Garden is going to be so lovely--I love over one stitching, too :) I'm surprised you weren't rooting for the Panthers? We wanted the Broncos here, too--rooting for the "old guy!"

  6. Way to go on your finishes! Nice progress on Quaker Garden!

  7. Great finishing! I'm looking forward to the big reveal when the exchanges are done. Love your Quaker piece -- so pretty!


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